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  1. J

    Pennsylvania Keggles & HD mash tun

    Sold long ago. Sorry.
  2. J

    Clawhammer, Grainfather, or Robobrew?

    I have the Clawhammer 120 and I love it. Pros: smaller footprint than my 3 tier, everything you need (just about), easy to use, great customer service, online content for how to and recipes, everything was packed securely for shipping. Cons: Takes a bit to heat up, my kettle came with a lot...
  3. J

    Pennsylvania Keggles & HD mash tun

  4. J

    Pennsylvania Keggles & HD mash tun

    Also if you want, non working chest freezer that everything is sitting on. Free! Use is as a fermentation chamber or whatever.
  5. J

    Pennsylvania Keggles & HD mash tun

    Testing the waters. Need to brew 2 batches in the next 2 weeks so these will come available afterwards. 2 Keggles for sale. Both have the tops cut off and 1/2 ball valves installed, non-welded. I also have a 10 gallon Home Depot cooler with 1/2 ball valve and DIY grain filter drain. I’m in...
  6. J

    My Own Recipe

    This is my first ever "own recipe". Made completely from scratch. I call it Bellandy's Double IPA. 8.1% ABV 8 oz hops....
  7. J

    Bored Saturday=Shiny Corny

    yea, I didn't have any stickers so I didn't run into that problem. But GooGone works great for stickers. As well as razors. Good Luck :mug:
  8. J

    Bored Saturday=Shiny Corny

    Word! :mug:
  9. J

    Bored Saturday=Shiny Corny

    Hey thanks! My SWMBO thinks it was a waste of time considering it's going to be in the fridge 98% which no one will see. True, but I will see it and I'll be happy knowing it's nice and shiny :mug:
  10. J

    Bored Saturday=Shiny Corny

    Well its been raining and miserable the past 2 days. Car buffer and some Mother Mag Aluminum Polish = Shiny new corny keg. Before After
  11. J

    My own...

    no the red box is just a red box, not a scroll. thanks :mug:
  12. J

    My own...

    Since I'm starting my own recipes, I think I need my own label. Going for a old style feel with it.
  13. J

    My favorite beer glass

    I know the title says glass but I use almost all of them, except for the stein.
  14. J

    Frigidaire Model FRC445GB Mini-Fridge Kegerator Conversion

    I actually use one of the clear plastic tray slots that where used in the inside door for a drip tray and just leave it on the floor.
  15. J

    Show us your Kegerator

    Here she is...