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    I brewed 2 batches of mead about 3months ago. After 2 weeks I racked from primary to secondary and its been sitting since and hasn't cleared up a whole lot. Should I be concerned or just keep waiting? I made some years ago but don't remember how long it took. Here are a few pictures. I did...
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    Mash tun size for 3gal and 1 gal

    I only want to brew 3gal and 1 gallon all grain. I like hefe-weisse and stouts, along with Belgium style. Can I get by with a 5 gallon cooler or so I need larger?
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    Bottling after Bottling?

    I'm sure! I've opened a 12oz bottle, poured a glass Nd capped it with a wine stopper had the rest a few days later and it was stored in the refrigerator with no difference in taste for me. I just wasn't sure about not refrigeratored
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    What is honey costing you?

    Wildflower honey 5lbs for $20 here in Northern IN, probably not far from you
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    Bottling after Bottling?

    I plan on making some mead here shortly. My question is last time I made it i bottled and capped it in beer bottles. This time I was going to make a bigger batch and put in wine bottles and cork it. My question is after I uncork it can I re-bottle it? Or how do I have to drink the rest of the...
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    When/How to Add Honey

    excellent! i've done one mead that way but never honey into beer so i wasn't sure if anything was different..... honey into the fermentor tonight!
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    Travelling Solo Advice

    once i graduated college i backpacked europe by myself for a little over 3 months, best time of my life! BTW i'm from the USA so i traveld over 3000 miles by my self :) IMHO Paris sucks, it's nothing more than a big city, the ifle is cool but that's about it.... in other words DO IT!!
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    When/How to Add Honey

    i didn't even think of bacteria being in honey, i found a recipe for a honey ale that they say add the honey to the primary around the 3 day mark, after reading this thread i may heat up the honey to pasteurize it before adding it
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    cold grain mashing

    that's what i was planning on doing for the temp, i'll pull out the grains when i get home and see if i can't get them a few hours out of the fridge
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    First Brew Day (weekend) as a daddy

    lol, i'm sorry i just had to laugh with kids of my own. i have a 3.5yr old and a 1yr old. my oldest was a horrible sleeper and was up every 2hrs and didn't sleep through the night till he was 18 months old.....we were exhausted and i took a LONG break. it's a whole new world having kids and...
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    cold grain mashing

    i've got some grains in my fridge in a plastic zip lock back that have been crushed and i want to know if i have to do anything different then add water and bring my mash up to 150-155? do i really need to bring grains out of fridge and let warm up via natural air or can i just add warmer water...
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    Forgot to check OG

    you DON'T NEED to measure OG, SG or anything. the 1st couple of batches I did I didn't have anything but a thermometer and basic equipment. I just let it sit in my primary for at least 2 weeks if not longer (won't hurt anything) and then bottled. turned out just fine in fast the last batch i...
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    bourbon soaked oak chips in small batches

    WOW that sounds AMAZING!!! would you mind sharing specifics? like recipe name/brand of the bourbon? :)
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    water volume rounding up or down

    if beersmith gives a volume of .39 quarts round up to .5 quarts or down to .25 quarts? does it matter? what about for small batches like a gallon or 2 to 3 gallons? i have 2 different pitchers 1 with .25 quart increments and another with .5 quart increments so i could do either