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    Olfabrikken Porter clone recipe critique

    I actually did brew this and it came out awesome. A few weeks/month in the keg conditioning and it became one of the best baltic porters (or porters in general) that I've ever had. Very chocolatey and viscous just the way I remember Olfrabrikken being. It's probably not an exact clone but I...
  2. J

    New Temperature controller (Brewbit)

    I'm curious what the differences between this and the brewpi are in terms of temperature control? Do they work the same way, learn the same way, switch the power sources the same way? If not, what are the differences? I'm definitely leaning towards the brewbit as it works out of the box and...
  3. J

    New Temperature controller (Brewbit)

    So has anyone used their brewbit yet? What are your thoughts and feedback so far? I'm considering buying one if only for the temperature profiles.
  4. J

    Washington 4 x Perlick Lo-Boy Low Profile D System Keg Tap Coupler w/ Pressure Relief

    I have 4 of these for sale. They were purchased from Beverage Factory new. 2 of them were used only once, while the other 2 are still in their original packaging. They're going for $50 + shipping right now. I'm looking to sell them for $45 each, or if you buy all 4, I'll let them go...
  5. J

    Dry hopping and vegetal flavor science is so frustrating sometimes...I wish it was better understood. I'm going to hope this ages out. Thanks for your replies InityBrew!
  6. J

    Dry hopping and vegetal flavor

    Yup, see my reply above. 2012 Simcoe crop from farmhouse brewing supply. Vacuum sealed and opened and measured on brew day. Resealed (not vacuum) and placed in the fridge (approx 48F) for 2 weeks until used again for dry hopping. I don't see an issue here do you?
  7. J

    Dry hopping and vegetal flavor

    I've never had this issue with anything but beers that I've dry hopped. Hop age may be a factor for you, but if my beer tasted amazing before dry hopping (and I had a few late additions as well) then that can't be a hop problem. Also my Simcoe hops are 2012 crop. Like I said, everything...
  8. J

    Dry hopping and vegetal flavor

    I really hope you're right, because it's very unpleasant. I'm curious about the science around what the hell is going on...and why the beer in the picnic line tastes good but in the keg it doesn't...
  9. J

    Dry-hop vegetal flavors: Will they condition out?

    What happened with this beer? Did the vegetal/grassy flavors eventually subside after conditioning in the keg/bottle? I'm having the exact same issue in my beer (I used only 2oz dry hop) and it tasted amazing before the DH - now it tastes all vegetal... Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks!
  10. J

    Vegetal flavors from dry hop?

    I know this thread is a few years old at this point, but I'm having the exact same problem ( and was curious whether just conditioning/aging fixed your problem or if you ended up dumping the beer? Really curious as I'm having...
  11. J

    Dry hopping and vegetal flavor

    Seriously? Are you cold carbing it during those 2 weeks? You're the only other person that's corroborated my issue so far!
  12. J

    Dry hopping and vegetal flavor

    So this is weird and I'm not sure what to make of it. I just came home, and took 2 small sample glasses with me to the keg. I emptied what was in the picnic tap (and maybe a bit more from the keg) into the first glass, and then filled the 2nd glass up with fresh new IPA from the keg. The first...
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    Dry hopping and vegetal flavor

    I had the strainer bag dangling through the opening of my sixtel sankey keg, and the the end of the racking hose was placed into that. When I started racking off the beer, I hear it "splash" and immediately tilted the keg so that the hose/strainer were not just dropping/aerating wort into the...
  14. J

    Dry hopping and vegetal flavor

    I don't think it's cardboard...and I doubt it was oxidized. It tasted like this just after I dry hopped it. Immediately after the carboy was empty and I sealed up the keg, purged the O2, and pressurized it at 10PSI, I tasted it.