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    Illinois Homebrew Alliance (IHA) Call to Action

    necessary bump... lets make this happen! We need homebrew back in Illinois festivals. Cheers all.
  2. jtlawlor

    New Homebrew Club in the Naperville / Plainfield IL Area

    Next meeting is this coming Thursday 7th - at Bolingbrook Golf Course (Kennedy room) at 7pm in Plainfield IL (on 119th street). If you have homebrew bring some to share - we have a "business" part of the meeting (30mins or so) and social, where we just share homebrew (!!!) You are welcome to...
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    Brew Pubs in NE Chigago..?

    RAM is okay - but there is MUCH better. Actual new breweries in the area -- Lake Effect and Church Street (not sure if they have tasting rooms).. also near the airport there is a Park Tavern and Hofbrauhaus (like the one in Germany and Vegas -- opening soon, not sure on the date) -- and from...
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    What are you drinking now?

    I am current on vacation in Chile and trying a Szot brewery Rubia al Vapor that a fellow HBTer gave me. Unfortunately it is light struck and I can't get past the skunk. But behind it seems like a decent beer. So far best beer here in Chile has been a strong ale by Rothhammer. But I have a...
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    How many gallons of Homebrew in 2012?

    33851 +115 gal - all 2012 batches = 33966 gal.
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    Child Labor and who else is guilty?!?

    No don't add children pre-boil -- only add children to flame out as a lot of the delicate flavor profiles will be lost. :tank: ... of course this can be done in secondary too!
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    CFC hose used at 140* for strike water

    RV hoses are cheap and food grade - well at least for potable water. Not sure on its rating on temp though. I have also thought of this - but I know if I boil some of my hot water in a pot on the stove - then cool it - it leave a pretty obvious ring around the pot. I guess it would be a...
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    New Homebrew Shop in Plainfield,IL - Chicago Brew Werks

    Great shop - known the owner for a year now... great to see this up and running - definitely my go to shoppe from now on out. GREAT selection of grain --- stuff most local shops don't carry + 1.99 per pound on all grain! I know he has big plans... very passionate craft beer owner and brewer...
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    Reinheitsgebot vs. irish moss/fermcap/gelatin

    Okay, I will ask and hijack this thread -- what is your process Uniondr?
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    Any legal issues with labeling my Homebrew with "Company" label?

    On a side note - if you are planning one day to "go pro" -- it might help in est. a copyright/trademark on your company name. I think I remember a small biz trick to help est. copyright by sending yourself mail with your company information. From a link: “An old trick to ensure you keep your...
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    The [Horribly Unpopular] Soccer Thread

    Anyone catch the crazy end to the Chicago v DC game Saturday... insane finish! Grant the FIRE have almost no shot to get to the playoffs ... but still good fun. Now rooting for anyone vs. RedBulls!
  12. jtlawlor

    The [Horribly Unpopular] Soccer Thread

    More than just a rough match -- a total reversal of what i have seen from this team for the last month.. uncreative - unresponsive - reactionary football!! utter crap game - they only seemed to press in the last 20mins... terrible. I am slightly more optimistic this year than last - the...
  13. jtlawlor

    The [Horribly Unpopular] Soccer Thread

    It was a good game - I thought the FIRE were slightly outclassed - and had no idea what to do with the ball after you get thru midfield and are around the 18, maybe if Gazzini would have been fully fit it might have been a different story. But Seattle marked Odura/Nyarko speed out of the game -...
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    March or Chugger Pump?

    Can I ask which model of Chugger pump you bought? The website currently has the Macerator Pump as the "home brew" pump.
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    Kegging without Co2 tank

    Most homebrewshops should carry them... if not, Austin Homebrew, Brewmasters Warehouse, or Midwest Homebrew -- will definately have them, have to pay for shipping. Brewmasters Warehouse is a flat fee...