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    I recently made a split batch of Jamil's Ordinary Bitter at 3.7%. One half I did to style; the other I dry-hopped with 1.5 ounces each of Columbus and Simcoe. I was somewhat surprised to get a good deal of bitterness from the dry hopping. The "ordinary" side was spot-on for bitterness...
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    Kolsch - my first brew

    Read and buy a print version of the book. YOu'll be glad.
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    Critique my mashing and sparging technique (please!)

    Sounds fine to me. Stores often have a bigger crush to avoid complaints about stuck sparges. My efficiency went from 70 to 80 percent when i got my own mill.
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    broke my flask, need to make starter. help

    Yes, easily. A quart jar, a growler, anything that can be sanitized will work. Just shake it now and again. Should be fine.
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    Recommend a Commercial Porter?

    +1 on Anchor Porter. Great beer. If you don't like it, you don't like porter.
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    Simple question about 2 row

    This is mostly wrong. As the quote from Palmer explains, a protein rest, particularly a long one, can be detrimental to head retention. It also has nothing to do with yeast nutrients. It may, however, improve clarity.
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    Home Brewer TV Show #37

    What do you possibly have to do with John Palmer's book? How is it that you're taking email addresses and sending people to his online book? They can go there free. Did you actually have something to do with writing it? If not, that's pretty sleazy.
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    Dry hopping

    A week is fine for flavor. For clarity, cold crash it so they'll drop out before you package.
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    Oktoberfest Lager and Ale Questions

    You might try a Koelsch yeast and ferment it on the cool side.
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    Splitting batches into 2 fermentors

    What's the point? You might try a better yeast than 04.
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    Brewing a

    read this:
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    Need an answer

    You'll be fine.
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    water "terms"

    Read "How to Brew," by John Palmer.