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    Magic Chef 6.8 cu. ft. keezer?

    I have a 3 year old 7.2 cu. ft. Magic Chef. It just died two weeks ago.
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    Grain Storage?

    US Plastic sells them
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    gas pipe plumbing....the right way

    I found that going hand tight, then giving about another turn maybe two with the wrench was enough and still allowed some room to adjust for tees and elbows.
  4. jrkettle

    gas pipe plumbing....the right way

    I just ran a new gas line out the back of my house for my brew stand. I used pipe dope everywhere, I used gas tape at first, but found the pipe dope to be easier and faster. One thing I had problems with was alignment of elbows, tees and ball valves. I found that if I left about a quarter to...
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    How the hell do you name a baby?

    My wife is pregnant, she's due in April. We just went through all this. We each went through one of those baby name books and each made a list of all the names we liked. Didn't have to love the name, just liked it enough to write it down. Then we took each others list and crossed off any names...
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    Natural gas questions

    Thanks, yeah its only $50, and I'll probably end up paying it but would rather not if I don't have to since the ball valve and tee would only cost $10. How far of a run is your 1/2" supply before it gets reduced down?
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    Natural gas questions

    So I have two hurricane burners I want to hook up to NG. I have a ball valve in my basement right after the main with nothing on it. The valve is 1/2" attached to a reducing tee in the main. So I ran about 30 ft of 1/2" BIP from the ball valve to the back of my house and attached another ball...
  8. jrkettle

    Which Weldless Spigot?

    +1 I ordered 3 bulk heads with stainless ball valves for $22 each with $5 shipping for the order. Placed the order on a Friday night at 7pm and received them Monday afternoon.
  9. jrkettle

    Burner help for keggles?

    I ordered two hurricane burners from brewmasters warehouse. They are slightly more then the banjo burners from cookware, but since I had to order some other things it made sense. Haven't used them yet but everyone here who uses them seems happy.
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    2 tier vs 1 tier?

    If I had a keg MLT I would have went that way so I could see into it without a ladder.
  11. jrkettle

    2 tier vs 1 tier?

    I just built a two tier. I decided to go that route because I batch sparge in a cooler and wanted to gravity drain into the boil kettle and I didn't want the cooler near the burners. But I could have done single tier and probably would have been happy with either. When I was deciding I set up my...
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    Repackaging Hops?!?! What is the way to keep them fresh?

    I repackage my hops in 2-3oz bags with a foodsaver 2460. Works great, I leave the bags a little larger then needed so I can easily reseal it after taking out what I need.
  13. jrkettle

    Perle~it's everywhere, it's no where

    I like Perle, I've used it in a few recipes. Oatmeal Stout, Wit, Trippel, English IPA, English Barleywine. Mainly for bittering, but I used it as a substitute for Northern Brewer in Janet's Brown Ale from Brewing Classic Styles.
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    what is your occupation

    Software Engineer
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    good ebay deal on Little Giant 3-MD-HC pumps

    Received mine yesterday. It also had that sticker, but looked brand new.