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    NEW PRODUCT from Nor Cal Brewing - Speidel blow off AND thermowell

    This is badass. One suggestion: Sell a package for the 12L model that doesn't come with an airlock. I'm assuming either by including a pre-drilled lid, or the extra fittings for someone who wants to drill their own lid. I use a 12L Speidel for all of my small-batches without an airlock, but...
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    Kottbusser - A style deserving of revival!

    Cold Crashing mine now. Finished at about 1.010. Added a few ounces of Honey in primary. Samples taste really interesting, looking forward to it :).
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    Funny things you've overheard about beer

    Is there a "funny things you read about beer in the 'funny things you've overheard about beer thread'" thread I can post this in?
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    Funny things you've overheard about beer

    To be fair I think the metaphor kind of makes sense. They're calling "Morons" raw materials and then equating them with the raw materials in beer.
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    Kottbusser - A style deserving of revival!

    Currently mashing at the moment. I think I'm going to use some Santiam I have laying around and toss some of it in at 10 minutes for a pinch of flavor. I'll be using a 1007 slurry and putting my honey in the primary. Looking forward to this brew!
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    Substituting Ale Yeast in Munich Dunkel

    It depends on what temperature you're going to ferment at. 1007 (or WLP036) is the standard answer, but to reap it's "lager-like" qualities you need to be able to ferment in the high 50s or low 60s at the highest. And usually someone who can ferment in the high 50s can probably do a lager...
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    Full Pint malt from Great Western/Imperial Organic Yeast Co.

    I just got a 10 bag of this stuff and am looking forward to brewing with it one of these days. Funny enough I was thinking of doing either a SMaSH with it or with 5-10% Carastan.
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    Kottbusser - A style deserving of revival!

    Well, German Tradition hops are a recent invention (1991), so I'm not sure about that. I've seen Spalt thrown around as a hop for this. I was mostly just trying to figure out whether or not to even use a late hop edition. The original literature seems to point to some kind of hop extraction...
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    Kottbusser - A style deserving of revival!

    Finally stopped pushing this back on my "to brew" list and will be picking up ingredients tomorrow. A couple questions for those who have made this: 1) Any thoughts on late hop additions? It seems that there's not much standard on this. I don't mind a little noble hop flavor/aroma in my beers...
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    Big Mouth Bubbler Evo 2

    Someone doesn't need to own the product to recognize logical fallacies in the opinions of those who do.
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    Help! Cream ale has unintentional yeast off flavor.

    My first thought/stab in the dark based on what you've said is that you're getting some lactic acid production (from bacteria) that's causing a tartness that reminds you of the tartness present in a lot of Saisons. We might need a bit more information or a better description of the flavor...
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    Quick Lager Method *UPDATED*

    To add my handful of data points, I recently finished up my first set of lagers using this method. All were medium gravity (1.048-1.056) beers fermented with WLP833. All beers were pitched at ~50deg for 3 days, followed by 2-3 days at 55, and a week at ~65. All were then cold crashed to 34-38...
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    Red X Malt

    Hmmm... interesting. Thanks for that. FWIW I'm not sure the fact that it's a blend or not makes much of a difference. A malt or a combination of malts that give you a 12SRM beer is going to be pretty red, regardless, I think. At the very least, I'm not sure a "blend" is necessarily any better...
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    Blissfully Child-Free

    Pretty much this.
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    All Azacca Base Malt APA

    Awesome. I was just thinking about trying some Azacca in my next American Wheat. Looking forward to hearing how this turns out for you.