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    sabco brew magic

    i posted this on reddit, was hoping to get some opinions here. for those who have used the brew magic, i would like to know about your experience. specifically: -how easy is it to use? -how were the results? -is its complexity adaptable to user skill? i.e. can it do both ag and extract...
  2. J

    issues with washed yeast

    thanks for the input gents. it is very curious, my last two batches were made with yeast about as old and they were faithfully chugging and glugging away, this one, no dice. i think ill pitch some more yeast if i can get over there in a day or two, otherwise, i guess ill have to brew again, aw...
  3. J

    issues with washed yeast

    for fathers day my father and i went to a family friends house to brew (i need to set this up as i have not been able to check on the beer, so dont tell me "use your hydrometer, duh!"). from what our friend has been telling us, there is no krausen, no airlock activity, no nothin. now, its hard...
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    super crazy recipe feedback...ok its another ipa, but help

    respectfully disagree, its effing awesome
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    my father and i brew together and we have a back and forth argument over how much beer we are supposed to end up with per batch. all recipes we come across are for 5 gallons, but invariably we end up with a little less (~4.5 gal) every time due to boil off and such. so the question is, do we...
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    super crazy recipe feedback...ok its another ipa, but help

    im just starting to flirt with all grain brewing, so i dont really know how much of what grains i should be using to get what i want, so thanks in that regard guys. as for the hops, i err to the side of "offensively hoppy," so i dont think that part is changing! :mug:
  7. J

    Longest brew day

    interesting, ive made starters before but pitched the yeast immediately, i never considered the possibility of doing one without the other, or making an assload of wort all at once to use later. cool stuff
  8. J

    super crazy recipe feedback...ok its another ipa, but help

    my first stab at a recipe 10 lbs 2 row 1.5 lbs crystal 60 3 oz magnum (60 min) 1 oz cascade (15 min) 1 oz cascade (dryhop) wlp001 gon' see how it goes, anyone able to give me an idea what the end product will be like?
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    Longest brew day

    what does one do with starter wort? do you just mix it with a pack/vial of yeast and *boom* starter?
  10. J

    horchata pale ale

    havent been on hbt in a turned out fantastic, ive made it another 3 or 4 times since
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    probably not infected, but wanna know whats up anyway

    hey all. so about a month ago i brewed a fat tire clone, one of my more ambitious brews to date. after two weeks, i racked to secondary, and its been there since. a little over a week ago, there was what looked like a second round of fermentation going on with a small layer of krausen bubbling...
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    steam beer

    so im making an anchor steam clone. i used some saflager s-23 and noticed something interesting (or maybe not interesting if you know whats going on). i thought that ale yeasts were called top fermenting because they formed a layer of krausen while fermenting. while ive never used lager yeast...
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    brewing with tea

    i want to impart a little of the tea flavor into the beer, i got 2oz of each, so it wont overwhelm. im thinking some sort of hefeweizen and andy as for your suggestion, 2oz of ganj is a little too expensive for what im trying to do haha
  14. J

    brewing with tea

    so i walked by teavana in the mall and had a bright idea to throw some exotic teas into my brewpot and see what comes out. after i bought it i realized i didnt really think of a beer recipe in which to throw the tea. so anyone with any experience in this field wanna give me some advice? i bought...
  15. J

    mead in the secondary

    hey everyone, so i got 3 quick ones about mead and secondary fermentation 1) when racking mead to a secondary, is it necessary to "fill from the bottom" so as not to aerate it? 2) should i take the fruits from the primary and move them to the secondary as well? 3) last but not least...