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  1. jOitheboat

    Will This work? Electric Turkey Fryer from Wally World.

    Sorry to dig up a 2 year old post, but I'm curious how this set up has been treating you. Are the controls working well? I'm planning on getting one under the tree and may decide to do some modding with an arduino, raspberry pi, or something similar.
  2. jOitheboat

    Sizing your Chest Freezer for Corny Kegs

    Professional Series 7 cu ft from Menards. $170 on sale. 3 kegs and extra room with no collar. Ps72731 model number.
  3. jOitheboat

    Show us your Kegerator

    Just did mine today. Disregard temporary tape above driptray. I bought this 7.0 cu ft freezer at menards for $170 last week. The brand is professional series. Holds 3 kegs unmodified with plenty of room for co2 and some bottles. Ill be putting the co2 outside to leave extra room for more bottles.
  4. jOitheboat

    Keezer collar glue

    Ha. Wish I would've read this a couple hours ago. I already had silicone but thought it might not quite do it so I went and bought a toothpaste tube of liquid nails. Attached collar to freezer about 4 hours ago. It's already a very strong bond. I bought the little tube because the caulking gun...
  5. jOitheboat

    Free The Nitro!

    @JohanMk1 yes!
  6. jOitheboat

    Free The Nitro!

    @JohanMk1 yes!
  7. jOitheboat

    Punk Rock and Hardcore

    ...put out a 7" for those guys earlier this year.... speaking of the 'youth of today' : http://youtu.be/-lOeRLffqbg http://youtu.be/-lOeRLffqbg <iframe width="420" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/-lOeRLffqbg" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  8. jOitheboat

    Punk Rock and Hardcore

    Us old farts make up the majority of the people at the good shows... and the majority of people who buy records from my label, as far as I can tell. Also make up most all of the good bands (new and old).
  9. jOitheboat

    Keezer compresser raise ambient room temp?

    Had it running for a couple days now. The room has been around 61-63 degrees pretty steadily. No major concerns here! It was 59 before I put the freezer in, but I've also been in and out of the room a ton since i've been cleaning it out and converting it to 'the beer room'.
  10. jOitheboat

    Oi! to the world! happy new year!

    I feel like I should be in on this thread.
  11. jOitheboat

    Keezer compresser raise ambient room temp?

    I really wasn't quite sure where to stick this question, so it landed in the DIY section. I moved in to a new (75+ year old house) somewhat recently and have decided to turn the old "coal room" in our basement into the repository for all my beer stuff. The room is roughly 12' by 6'...
  12. jOitheboat

    Deep Wood Brew - Grand Opening Giveaway!

    Yes I think I will.
  13. jOitheboat

    Ok....ROKU!!!!! fire it up.

    If you use amazon cloud for your music, there is a channel for that too. Also a Dropbox channel for playing media from your Dropbox space.
  14. jOitheboat

    Ok....ROKU!!!!! fire it up.

    Lookup how to add private channels. Add nowhere man channel. 2 brewing channels on there!
  15. jOitheboat

    Fast brew to drink recipe?

    Dry Irish stout. Og in the low 1040s. Under a week primary. Week secondary. 10 cups strong brewed coffee in bottling bucket. Drinkable within days from the bottle. awesome in a week! Same brew sans coffee ok. With coffee awesome!