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    Theoretically, say a brewery wants to brew my beer

    Did he get the t-shirt, or not? Just wondering...theoretically... JW
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    How often is too often?

    No two people have the exact same tolerance for alcohol We can't tell you if it is too important in your life. Go with your gut hunch. If you think you are drinking too much for you, you probably are. By the time your employer says you're drinking too much, it's too late to avoid the painful...
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    the old ball and chain

    I don't claim to have all the answers to a happy marriage, but I do have 48 years of experience. Common courtesy and mutual respect are two of the most important things in any relationship. If you can develop those basic living (loving) skills, attitude falls to the waysiide. Don't seek comfort...
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    Swing Top Bottles - Any tips?

    I have read several threads on different sites with people complaining about swing top bottles not holding carbination. My take on it was that most complaints came from people who bought them new from lhbs. The fix there seemed to be to tune up the wire to make it fit tighter. Some put new...
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    New Southern California Premium Supporter

    Welcome to the forum.
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    My Water Report. Good or Bad

    Your report is not the easiest style to read, but I interpret it differently. For instance, your hardness. The EPA standard is (arbitrarily) 180. They don't give you your hardness number. The next column is Average. Yet they don't explain how they arrive at an average. The next column is...
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    Hello all... starting my keezer quest.

    Welcome to the forum.
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    Hello from Central NJ

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    Northwest Newbie

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    Hello from Northern Minn

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    Hello from Vancouver, BC

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    Greetings from Northeast PA

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    Howdy from Colorado Springs

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    Hello from canada

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    Hi all, I'm me

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