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    Training Wheels Berliner - good intro to sours

    Starter made with (3) L. Plantarum Probiotic pills in 1.040 1L for 7 days kept in 70-80 range Followed steps on original post but lowered volume to 3gal and DME to 3pds Decanted 1L down to 300ml, swirled and pitched into 1.045 wort @ 118 Wrapped with a towel, sealed with plastic wrap and into...
  2. Johnnyhitch1

    Sweet Stout Malted Milk Stout

    I wonder how this would be splitting the addition between malt powder/cocoa/lactose. Should fit this into the pipeline soon, will report back.
  3. Johnnyhitch1

    Training Wheels Berliner - good intro to sours

    Just threw some WLP677 in a 1L starter, looking forward to brewing my first weisse!
  4. Johnnyhitch1

    14lbs Pilsner Mash @ 1.020 after 90min

    Just getting into water profiles myself but if pH was off wouldn't that cause an incomplete conversion? That or your strike water was too hot? Possibly destroying a good portion of amylase enzyme?
  5. Johnnyhitch1

    Scandinavia's Fermented and Cultured Milks

    Subd! This is great, love learning about all the different Nordic cultures and the food attached to each one. Look forward to seeing more from your project!
  6. Johnnyhitch1

    Craft Beer MAW

    Man ive been gone for a while but sad to see this thread dead!! Glad to be back, maybe we can revive this badboy!
  7. Johnnyhitch1

    ISO: Boysenberry + Raspberry Petite Sour FT: List

    Looking for a bottle or 2 of each of the Boysenberry and Raspberry petite sours from crooked stave. FT: GSB Maurauder (BA Scotch ale) GSB Sexton (Chardonnay BA golden strong) Forest and Main Hapi (Oak Aged dryhopped saison) Forest and Main Dochter Seizoen (Oak aged saison) Hill...
  8. Johnnyhitch1

    The Big Box of Yum

    Been 2nd on the list for a year!! Send it back east!! haha Been lovin all the combos/pairings ive seen on here.
  9. Johnnyhitch1

    Heady Topper for trade...

    Had a 2 year can next to a 2 week can... ...2 year can won.
  10. Johnnyhitch1

    ISO: HF , FT: List

    Hey john, Looking for the 3 kane bottles but have no HF. Know weve had smooth trades in the past, hit me up if you want to work something out.
  11. Johnnyhitch1

    Not Your Father's Root Beer

    I liked my buddies idea, not your mothers milk (Chocolate milk stout) haha
  12. Johnnyhitch1

    ISO: FB French Toast Brown

    Have a bunch of north east goods for trade. Looking for 2 bottles, not sure what limit was but it looks like these got distribution. Other half Crooked Stave Knee Deep Grimm (super going, rainbow in curved air) Bronx brewing Mezcal Barrel Aged Black Pale Ale B nectar (the dudes rug...
  13. Johnnyhitch1

    Not Your Father's Root Beer

    This has been taken to national distribution by pabst so many if not all of the US will have this sitting on shelves soon. I don't get the hype of a 12$ 6pk of 6% root beer. Buy a case of soda for $5 and dose up to 6% with your favorite liquor!! lol Sorry if I ruined your post OP!