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  1. J

    Oxygen cylinder exchange cost?

    Keep in mind that the cost in filling those cylinders is largely from the labor. The gas itself is cheap (O2, CO2, etc.) but the guy having to fill it isn't. And the amount of work filling a 100 pound tank versus a 5 pound tank (or smaller) isn't that different. Moral of the story: try and use...
  2. J

    208wye system but i want to run 5500w elements

    It IS 120 & 120 between two different phases and neutral... But you don't get to add them together to get your 240v you want. That only works when your incoming power supply is 240 volts (typical household supply power). Since you have 208 wye, you only get 208 volts between your hot phases...
  3. J

    208wye system but i want to run 5500w elements

    There's no need for a neutral with a 208 wye, you get the 208 volts between two phases. Neutral would be needed if 120v was also needed (phase to neutral would be 120). Having the neutral doesn't change the voltage between any of the phases, it'll still be 208 between them whether the neutral...
  4. J

    Filling a CO2 tank

    Ideally you would need a siphon tube installed in your larger tank. You can sometimes turn your tank upside to allow the liquid to flow into the other tank, but that doesn't always work, and isn't particularly safe in most cases. It's also unlikely that you'd get a complete fill on the 5 pound...
  5. J

    Priming Sugar Question

    If you didn't throughly mix the priming sugar then yes some bottles might not have had enough sugar to properly carbonate.
  6. J

    Mead stopped at 1.030 almost 3 months in, what can I do?

    Yes I would wait a bit before calling it.
  7. J

    Mead stopped at 1.030 almost 3 months in, what can I do?

    Well, campden tablets will kill all the yeast, so when you added that fermentation stopped. Why did you add the campden?
  8. J

    HLT threads for heating element

    I believe this will work: 1"-11.5 HSS 5 Flute Bright Finish NPS, Straight Pipe Tap | Fastenal Here is a chart with thread and drill sizes for taper and straight threads. Keep in mind that straight threads will require some form of sealant, either o-ring, pipe dope, tape, etc.
  9. J

    HLT threads for heating element

    Do you know the thread size you need? If not, do you own a pair of digital calipers? If you can accurately measure the threads we can have an educated guess as to the thread size. At the very least can you list the make/model of the heating element? You might be able to ask the manufacturer...
  10. J

    EVA Barrier on 1/4" Barb

    In some cases it's the valve seat, so it's what the movable valve seals against when it's closed. A different fitting may not have the correct seat depth or not have the correct profile for the valve, so the valve may not operate at all, or it may not seat correctly.
  11. J

    Miller high life

    It's 6 months old, unless it was kept in perfect conditions it's probably just old.
  12. J

    Keezer/Kegerator Parts

    If you decide to part anything out I'd be interested in the kegs and CO2 tank. I'm local to you.
  13. J

    CO2 bottle filling at home

    Just make sure everything (including your hands) is clear of the valve when you crack it open. Just give it a quick on and off, once it's out of the valve it converts to gas pretty quick so small amounts won't hurt your floor by the time it gets there.
  14. J

    CO2 bottle filling at home

    Fill tanks have siphon tubes so they can dispense liquid CO2. Serving tanks do not so they can dispense gaseous CO2. Some tanks can be turned upside down to dispense liquid, although I've heard that not all valves support this, so do your research before attempting.
  15. J

    Checking for CO2 Leak in used corny keg

    Might have a pinhole leak somewhere on the body of the keg.