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    Where's you're favorite place to have a pint in Portland?

    Been a while since this thread had some action, sure are a lot of new places to grab a pint now!
  2. JoeyLink

    Have you found "The" beer to end all beers

    I've thought I had, only to revisit the same beer a year later and find it was nothing I had remembered. My tastes definitely change.
  3. JoeyLink

    Where's you're favorite place to have a pint in Portland?

    I like to think I've been to quite a few places around the city, but to be honest I haven't really even scratched the surface. Looking to hear from others about their favorite places :mug:
  4. JoeyLink

    Portland Microbrewery

    I agree, the organic brewfest was great. Did you make it to any other local pubs? I was going to recommend one of my personal favorites, Alameda, but you'll have to note that for your next visit now ;)
  5. JoeyLink

    Micro-brew Mecca

    Portland!! :D
  6. JoeyLink

    Miller Lite vs. Bud Light

    Miller Lite by far. I used to love Bud Light when I was younger. For some reason it just tasted good. I suppose my brain wasn't done growing yet, cause now I can't stand to drink that stuff. Sadly, I still prefer a Miller Genuine Draft or Miller High Life on a hot summer day over most micros...
  7. JoeyLink

    80's Remakes: Sacred Ground?

    Sounds like you definitely took advantage of some great opportunities :mug: