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  1. J

    Brewing pale beers with hard water

    Yeah, my suspicion is that the Chino well water is highly contaminated. And then highly filtered / stripped of everything in it and then reconstituted with a minimal amount of minerals that will make it palatable. Not good brewing water, especially coming from my home in Oregon where the water...
  2. J

    Brewing pale beers with hard water

    Thank you all for the thoughts.
  3. J

    Brewing pale beers with hard water

    I get a really fancy poster from the water district with all the details but the problem is that my city has three different sources that come in at different times of year and sometimes blend together depending on supply and demand. To really know what I am dealing with I would have to run a...
  4. J

    Brewing pale beers with hard water

    So how cheap is a cheap and dirty RO system.
  5. J

    Left my grains in the cooler for 4 days after brew....

    Stay away from dish soap in the future. I can detect it for days in my coffee thermos when my wife gets ahold of it. Like others have said, my mash ton only gets cleaned with hot to boiling water and lots of scrubbing. PBE would probably be good if you can still smell the rancid grain smell...
  6. J

    Brewing pale beers with hard water

    Looking for some advice here. I charcoal filter my tap water which comes from wells in Chino Ca. It's great water for brewing dark to amber beers. Even with a big Russian imperial stout my mash ph will hit 5.2 to 5.3 with no additions. I usually just brew what works with my water but I'm...
  7. J

    help how do I stop the emails from Home Brew talk

    I get an email every time I post or someone else does to a topic I am subscribed to. It's flooding my inbox and I can't find where to stop this in the settings or notifications options.
  8. J

    Cold crash question

    Yep no harm done by long cold crash unless you will be trying to naturally carbonate
  9. J

    What are you drinking now?

    I work at a university and some one abandoned two untapped full kegs by the dumpster near my shop. Probably my two most undesirable beers I've ever had but free beer is hard to pass up. The kegs are a good score though. I'm too embarrassed to say what swill I have been drinking from them
  10. J

    Magnum hops too clean for IPAs?

    I second Yooper's thoughts on water. I have water that lends a sharp bitterness to even the mildest of hops which I have to correct for when going for malty brews. If you are using a good bittering hop at appropriate rates and are not getting the results you expect it's probably your water and...
  11. J

    Carbon filter question

    Hoping someone can give me an educated answer on this. I use an activated carbon filter designed for whole house use just in my garage brewery. The filter cartridges are labeled as 3 month or 6 month life span depending on price. I only use the filtered water when collecting brewing liqueur...
  12. J

    Dry Hopping practices

    Good to know, I like you am a serous experimenter and would probably have tried this at some point. Pleas excuse my dyslexia
  13. J

    Sanitizing corney kegs with boiling water

    Think you miss understand me, after the boiling water is pored out I rinse the outside (not the inside) with cold water which quickly cools the keg and keeps it completely sterile. Plus you all seem to be forgetting that with the steam pressure you are able to run sterilizing liquid through the...
  14. J

    Sanitizing corney kegs with boiling water

    Five or six years and still the same bottle of sanitizer? You ether don't brew much or need to write the Vatican about the endless well of sanitizer. I brew three times a month and go through lots of sanitizer even with the boiling water method. Pleas excuse my dyslexia