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    Great storage/carrying/drying solution

    Those are the 16 quart ones right?
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    organizing beer bottles

    Did a quick search didn't find much so I figured I would throw this our there. I am having a real problem with bottle organization. I have a **** load of bottle just strewn about and I am looking for some type or container to hold them that is sturdy and will last. Kegging is not an option...
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    Carboy/ Keg Cleaner Giveaway

    Crossing my fingers.
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    mash tun dead space

    So tilting is acceptable and will work?
  5. Joedub

    mash tun dead space

    I use SS braid bazooka screen.
  6. Joedub

    mash tun dead space

    I just want to make sure I calculated this correctly. I have a standard converted cooler mash tun. What I did was put the mash tun on my level counter opened the spigot filled it with water until water same out of the spigot then stopped. when the water stopped coming out I measured what was...
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    bulk DME help

    Can you still get the color and taste of a stout using extra light?
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    bulk DME help

    Ok I was brewing all grain but I just don't have the time to spend on an all grain brew day. This means I am going back to extract and I am going to go bulk to cut cost. What is the most versatile DME I can get? I like a wide variety of beers from imperial stouts to saisons. Thanks for the help.
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    4th Batch All grain Brew

    I am not sure I understand what this recipe is suppose to be but I am a newb. Good luck hope it turns out great.
  10. Joedub

    Foreign Extra Stout Too Sweet

    Well if my calculations are right you got about 78% attenuation which is good in my book. I was under the impression that carapils does pretty much the same thing as flaked barley adding body and head retention but I think it does also add sweetness. I think I would just ditch the carapils...
  11. Joedub

    2nd ALL-Grain Batch Same Issue

    ditch the pound
  12. Joedub

    LHBS? lucky...

    30 bucks that is insane my LHBS is a brewery and I just went yesterday to get some grain and hops for a 2.5 gallon batch and it cost me like 6-7 bucks for everything. I am sorry to hear that your LHBS sucks.
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    anybody ever used one of these

    I want one but there is noway I am dropping that amount of money. It looks like a glorified brew in a bag. It looked like he was doughing in with full volume of water.
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    Equally Obnoxious Hockey Trash Talk Thread, eh?

    My problem with Romes hit is that for 1 it was late. Horton was a full 3 strides in after he passed the puck. I viewed the hit as Rome was not taking the body and he was launching himself upwards. If he had bent his knees and lowered his shoulder into hortons chest he would have gotten 2 min and...
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    Maybe going to 3 gallon batches

    I have all the equipment for 5 gallon all grain and I have brewed them but like I said it is just to much beer laying around. So its official I am going to try some 3 gallon batches. It will probably force me to start harvesting yeast so I can save money on yeast.