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    Mashtun Manifold: Copper or PVC?

    Monster, thanks for sharing the party photos. That looks like and excellent party and of course the chicks tossing kegs....awesome. Are these all homebrews and you get a park space and go for it? That is fantastic.
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    Will this work?

    ok freak, if you don't know the definition of a word, look it up in a dictionary- stop responding to this moron.
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    Blue Corn Clone

    A lot of the area brewers stop in to the il vicino tap room from time to time, that's one place to get information. Call blue corn in santa fe and ask for daniel, he may know, he's the current brewer and of course call chama and talk with ted, he's the brewer their. your best bet is to get out...
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    Anyone done a "real" ale (English Bitter)

    The best brewpub in new mexico, the il vicino tap room, creates a cask-conditioned ale every wednesday evening. Your above description is right on, these beers are delicious. This past week was a brown ale dry hopped with amarillo hop- excellent, i asked them to tap mine without the sparkler...
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    4th brew: Imperial Pale Ale

    Thanks. I didn't realize it but the recipe that i just formulated is a IIPA. I get tons of great info from this forum, thanks again.
  6. J

    4th brew: Imperial Pale Ale

    The idea of an imperial or double ipa sounds real tasty. I've done some searches for info about the IIPA and i'm not clear on what makes it double or imperial. i'm working on a recipe for an ipa now, what's the difference- moer hops, more fermentables, just more in general?
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    Critique IPA recipe

    This is what i want, placed above the crisp bitter quenching of the columbus. :rockin: I'm going to brew it, age it, and analyze it.:rockin: And tonight i just had a cask conditioned ipa, dry hopped with a combo of millenium and amarillo hops, tasty, but it doesn't match the brightness...
  8. J

    Critique IPA recipe

    OK, now the picture is becoming more clear. With your help, this beer will get built.
  9. J

    Critique IPA recipe

    OK, from papazians book, the hop chart shows chinook 12-14%AA columbus14-18 I went to use the recipator with no success, i'm going to try it again.
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    Critique IPA recipe

    2 hour boil? i've been reading a lot about boiling it up. What is your experience? I'm very new to brewing, so i may uneccessarily be applying some techniques across the board. This forum is an excellent learning tool and of course i keep re-reading and referring to the papazian books. I'm...
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    Critique IPA recipe

    Janx, i appreciate your opinion. i can easily forego it. The reason i like it is that the brewpub i go to does a cask conditioned ipa every wednesday night, they are doing what they call 30 hops-30weeks, so they dry hop with a different variety everyweek and sometimes a combination and i loved...
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    Critique IPA recipe

    Ok, after some thought my new recipe looks like: 22#2-row 4#crystal 2#toasted malt [email protected] [email protected] columbus before chilling chinook dry hop
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    Micorbrew Pubs and Selling Beer

    I think that it is true, why ruin a good hobby. It's a far cry from brewing at home or with friends to having a brewpub. Even the cool brewery that i go to has changed in the last couple years, the crowd changes, the demand grows, the quality wanes from time to time. To find out your states...
  14. J

    Critique IPA recipe

    Thanks for all the help, i've got to start somewhere. this is a test and all i want is that the test is tasty, good night now!
  15. J

    Critique IPA recipe

    That is what i will do, the hallertauers are in the deep freeze. I tried the recipator and had no luck, here's the new recipe 10 gallon 22# 2-row 4#crystal 2#toasted malt 2 oz chinook boiling 2 oz [email protected] 2 oz cent before chilling 2 oz dry hop what do you think?