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  1. JLW1974

    Festbier BierMuncher's OktoberFAST Ale (AG)

    I don't think there is much yeast that likes it above 70F other than Hefeweizen style yeast. Most of the ales I have made, like it best between 65-68F.
  2. JLW1974

    Festbier BierMuncher's OktoberFAST Ale (AG)

    A little late on the reply. I would NOT substitute the Amber or Pale LME with a Munich LME. IMO, the 80% 2-row addition will throw the flavor off.
  3. JLW1974

    Simple recipes.

    For a Hefeweizen I would just go with 1oz low AA level hops at a 60min boil. No other Hop additions needed. If you want aroma, I would go with 1/2oz of a noble hop at the last 5min boil. Here is a simple recipe that works pretty well. Quicky Hefe... 6lb Bavarian LME 1oz Liberty at 60min...
  4. JLW1974

    Brewers Best primary question

    I concur with some of the posts here. Keep in Primary for at least 2 weeks and depending on the beer, put in a secondary fermentor for another 1-2 weeks. Let age in cold storage for at least a couple of weeks before drinking. To assist with clarity I would flash cold (at 33-38F) the...
  5. JLW1974

    First Batch Not Enough Wort to Fill Carboy

    I wouldn't worry about NOT filling the carboy up with wort all the way to the top. As others have said, you will want some 'head space' otherwise it could blow off your blow tube (I have had that happen to me before when the yeast was partying too hard). Do keep tabs of the temperature in...
  6. JLW1974

    Help With First Brew, Weird Taste

    If you have an OG reading that low, I would keg the Beer, force carbonate at 8psi and let it age at least a week at cold temperatures. If you are bottling, add 4oz of dextrose to the 5gal. batch, stir well and then bottle and let age 3-4 days at fermentation temperatures and then refrigerate...
  7. JLW1974

    Good Area of Baltimore To Live in

    How many people here actually have lived or currently live in Baltimore to make such generalizations? I live in Baltimore and know many people going to UM Medical School and Hopkins that live around the Patterson Park Area and Canton. I agree that Baltimore is a checkerboard city. But...
  8. 5LitreStein


    Me having a 5 Litre Stein at Schmankeral Stube Bier Garten.
  9. 5LitreStein


    Me having a 5 litre stein at Schmankeral Stube in Haegerstown.
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