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    Shoutout to everyone’s favorite LHBS

    My LBHS is Southern Hills Homebrew Supply in Roanoke VA. Robb is the best ! Amazing inventory and absolutely the best customer service. I can order on-line and pick up parts and pieces, hops, yeast, and my grain bill (milled and bagged) at the curb. I don't even get out of the car...
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    How Many Gallons Brewed In 2021

    Catching up: +5 gallons Oatmeal Stout (January) +5 gallons NEIPA (January) +5 gallons Munich Dark Lager (February) = 1032
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    Keggers - Do you "tie-up" some taps with the same beer over and over?

    I have 4 taps and I mostly maintain the following lineup: 1) IPA/Pale Ale 2) Stout/Porter 3) Something for the rest of the world (cider / seltzer / etc...) 4) current whim... right now it's a Munich Dark Lager
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    🔥New Product Giveaway🔥 - Inkbird Infrared Thermometer Gun

    This would be a great addition to my brewing operation!
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    50% OFF for Inkbird Vacuum Sealer Machine — Only $27.49 can get one

    I would love another Inkbird product. Thanks !
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    New Product Giveaway🎁 - Inkbird Brewing Heat Mat

    I would love to add another Inkbird product to my fermentation chamber setup !
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    How many gallons brewed in 2020

    Plus 5 gallons of Irish Extra Stout.... 1022 gallons total