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  1. Jim Karr

    Keep One, Drop One - Word Game

    Betty doesn't
  2. Jim Karr

    Keep One, Drop One - Word Game

    rash decision
  3. Jim Karr

    Wedding song??

    Marc Cohn.........True Companion.
  4. Jim Karr

    Ever been so tired...

    Carry along a big cup of ice or ice water......when you begin to nod, just fill your mouth with icewater and hold it. The cold sensation on your teeth would wake up a hibernating bear.
  5. Jim Karr

    Kids in the Hall - I can't be the only one!

    "Out of my body and onto your plate." "Would you like to take a drink from the toilet, or would you like a beer?"
  6. Jim Karr


    I've just got to know.......was the lisp really named "Dick"?
  7. Jim Karr

    Best Movie Ever Made

    Dances with Wolves The Desperate Hours North by Northwest
  8. Jim Karr

    Brewer/Homebrewer on vacation

    You, young lady, definitely have your priorities firmly in order.
  9. Jim Karr

    Airlocks For Free Fermentors

    Yep, you need to do just what Burger King does with those buckets....throw them away. That pickle smell and taste will never go away. :(
  10. Jim Karr

    Corn in the grain bill?

    Do a Google search for "My Father's Moustache" pilsner recipe. It will have info on using corn.
  11. Jim Karr

    Sassafras root in secondary?

    A neighbor asked this morning about tapping a sassafras tree for sap, like is commonly done with maple trees, for maple syrup. My twisted mind then went to adding sassafras root to the secondary fermenter, on the principle of dry hopping. Any thoughts/ideas/smart remarks?
  12. Jim Karr

    Serious study on yeast farts

    What a great thread for a newbie to resurrect! Hooray for new members!:fro:
  13. Jim Karr

    Friday evening plans.

    Online flesh games?
  14. Jim Karr

    Two Hearted and White Castles YAY!

    Giordano's pizza is my Chicago favorite......never had a Lou's. Wash some of that down with an Edmund Fitzgerald........ooooo, you're on the front burner. Or, is that, "Shut the front door!"?
  15. Jim Karr

    How do you count yeast generations?

    The second. Each successive batch is counted from there.