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    Drunk Owl Mango

    Just wanted to comment on my version of this. I brewed it in 3/2012, bottled in 8/2012. Used the recipe above except about 5 lbs of mango added the 3 dregs of Orval and a month later added the dregs of a Jolly Pumpkin. That said mine came out great. Not much mango flavor so use 7+ lbs if you...
  2. J

    Winter Seasonal Beer Christmas in Belgium

    Brewed this beer today. Wanted to make a christmas belgian and this recipe looked like just the ticket. The sample tasted awesome! I'll keep you updated on how it turns out.
  3. J

    Brett Zombie Dust

    I'm making Brandon's C+C beer and used a big starter. I've heard conflicting reports on if I should keg or bottle this. I know if I bottle it, it will get more of the traditional brett funk but will likely lose all that good hop flavor. I'm thinking of kegging it to keep that Citra flavor alive...
  4. J

    What Happened to My Beer?!?!

    Again sorry for hijacking but you just can't make fresh IPAs/APAs bottling that you can kegging. Brew to glass time much shorter!
  5. J

    Harvesting yeast issue

    Thanks for the replies. Good news! It now appears to be chugging away (nice krauzen and bubbles from the blow off tube). I was primarily worried because my brew partner had the exact same wort (6 gallons at 1.057) and only pitched a wyeast american ale II without a starter and his took off...
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    Harvesting yeast issue

    So I have been harvesting (not washing) yeast for a few months now. Currently WLP 001 which just came out of a wheat pale ale batch. I just brewed a rye pale ale and pitched around 10 ounces of harvested yeast. We are nearing 48 hours without any krauzen activity seen in my better bottle. I'm...
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    New to brewing sours...recommend me something!

    If you really want to get into it. Make a berliner (3-6 mos) and all brett beer (4-8 weeks) and a brett saison (6+ mos) that should get your sour pipeline going then make one your kriek or flanders for 1+ yrs.
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    American Pale Ale Lake Walk Pale Ale

    Not that this thread needs another congratulatory post on the recipe but just wanted to say this too has become my house pale ale recipe. Love the malt bill: just enough malt for me without being overly so. I hop it up to more a low level IPA/high level pale ale hops and have experimented with...
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    Help Please!!!!

    Are you sure it hasn't taken off or it just fermented out quickly and you didnt notice? Measure the gravity of the starter, if you have a rough idea of the OG then you should know if it worked or not. If it worked pitch it anyways, funny smells are common in fermentation. If it didn't work I...
  10. J

    First visible infection. Now what?

    Get a wine thief and taste it. Also, leave it in there and see what happens. It will either taste terrible or be good. Nothing you can do about it now. I agree add some other bugs and some fruit and let it get really funky. Just dont waste a whole bunch of money/time on it if it tastes nasty.
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    Hot Summer Brewing

    My other main problem with the hot summers is keeping fermentation temps under control. Really difficult to keep my beers tasting clean in my house without a fridge for temp control. I usually stop brewing in late may and start back up in september.
  12. J

    Blonde Ale

    I second Centennial Blonde. I have made it several times and just finished brewing it for a wedding shower that is coming up soon. Quick turnaround and tastes awesome!
  13. J

    Aerating: before or after?

    Doesnt matter. I've aerated lagers 8 hours after pitching. I forgot the science of it but just do it before fermentation begins and you're okay.
  14. J

    First yeast starter

    If you make it the day before you brew you need to pitch it all. If it's still got a krausen I would pitch it all. If it's been a few days and looks calmed down you could decant and pitch. I don't like to mess with that unless I'm making a lager or super light ale.
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    Are there any downsides with using plastic buckets as fermenters?

    To each his own but buckets remain way easier to scratch even without using something harsh. Use a scratched bucket long enough and you will get an infection. Something no one has mentioned: when opening a bucket for whatever reason (sampling, gravity, etc) it is much easier for air particles...