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  1. J

    What do you do after your work day is done?

    My wife feeds the chickens and cats.
  2. J

    Battery Powered Lawn Equipment

    LOL...I remember as a kid my friend's dad had an electric lawnmower with a cord and we were always running over it and cutting it. Imagine vacuuming a carpet but a lawn and a lawnmower.....what a PITA. I had nothing but problems with 2 cycle weed whackers then I read 4 cycle engines have 1/10...
  3. J

    What do you do after your work day is done?

    Lets see....clean the kitchen, load/unload dishwasher, cut grass, tend the garden, water if needed, feed the fish, add water to tank if needed, water the houseplants, take out trash, check mail, discard mail, pay bills, do laundry if I missed that Sunday night, make my lunch for the next day and...
  4. J

    Fermented Veggies & Hot Sauces

    Last fall I ground up all the brown habaneros before the killing frost came and decided to try the Tabasco method of fermenting and aging it. I usually cook and blend the mash then add salt and vinegar and mason jar it. At first it smelled but now it actually smells pretty good and that is...
  5. J

    10 year old hop vine.....dug it up!

    Right, after I wrote that and posted I noticed that too. Poor wording on my part. I am guessing you figured out that every year it grows 15+ feet tall.
  6. J

    10 year old hop vine.....dug it up!

    If not for being knocked over and having to rebuild the trellis I would have kept but those roots keep expanding, that I don't like.
  7. J

    10 year old hop vine.....dug it up!

    She bought seeds and planted them so the rhizomes I have are pretty much worthless. I never grew any other vines before so I can't compare quality.
  8. J

    10 year old hop vine.....dug it up!

    So we started a hop vine from seed about 10 years ago and it grew into a huge complex of roots that grew 15+ feet each year. Problem was my wife bought the seed and didn't remember to make note of what kind because she didn't think it mattered. It was hard to pick due to the height, I made beer...
  9. J

    Wow, this place looks a lot different these days

    I'm back......would you believe I only brewed one 5g batch after I got that order last June? Got on a project that took all my spare time until October then it got too cold for me to brew outside. Once it warms up a bit I need to get going, but since I didn't finish the project (repairing 2...
  10. J

    Give me your succulents

    My wife and I collect cactus, we have hundreds, shame this is about maple syrup....
  11. J

    Whut is your favorite pepper?

    I grow a lot of hot peppers, habanero, ghost, reaper, scorpion....but I can't eat them whole so I either make a hot sauce that I can add drops to tacos or dry them to flakes to add to pizza now and then. Problem is I have too much to use, well the flakes anyway, the sauces get used up. I make...
  12. J

    Log Splitters

    For now....do you have any more boys to backfill?
  13. J

    Lotions, balms and potions

    So their face is sooty looking after the wash it with charcoal soap?? :rolleyes:
  14. J

    Log Splitters

    What kind did you wind up buying?