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  1. J

    Robobrew/Brewzilla Discussion

    Yes, I am 100% sure it would be fine if I wasn't brewing in near freezing temperatures
  2. J

    Two questions re: all-in-one systems like robobrew/digimash, etc

    how quickly does it cool with the Scylla IC? I won't use the stock IC as well, but I have the blichmann plate chiller, but considering the better IC because of less cleanup
  3. J

    Robobrew/Brewzilla Discussion

    yeah, I'm not sure. I have the 3.1.1 and this was my first brew on it. I'm thinking of either doing a heat stick or a brewers hardware steam slayer and moving inside
  4. J

    Robobrew/Brewzilla Discussion

    I set it at HH which I believe is the highest setting. I think it would have been inside or a warmer (summertime) temp, it would be fine
  5. J

    Robobrew/Brewzilla Discussion

    Completed my first brew on the Robobrew 3.1.1 5 gallon 110v system yesterday and it wennt pretty well all things considering. (I moved earlier this year and still have a lot of brewing equipment in storage). I generally brew on a blichmann brew easy 10g electric system. I don't have power at...
  6. J

    SHOW OFF: Basement Brewery cleaning sinks

    It was in my garage but it is the same concept. I sold the house but kept the sink
  7. J

    Blichmann BrewEasy

    I use a hop spider (it was homemade) as well as hop bags. I hate having my plate chiller clog.
  8. J

    2 perlick Flow Control Faucets

    Thanks for the reply. I’m really looking for stainless
  9. J

    WTB Perlick facets, shanks, etc

    I’d like to upgrade from picnic taps in my keezer. I’d like 4” stainless shanks, Perlick Facets, handles, etc. I’m looking for about 2-4.
  10. J

    Texas 3 Tap Keezer

    Any interest in parking out the taps, handles, and shanks?
  11. J

    Show us your home brewery/brewspace

    Here is an after photo
  12. J

    Show us your home brewery/brewspace

    Here is a before picture
  13. J

    How many gallons brewed in 2020

    63 +10 gallons Cream Ale +10 gallons Robust Porter =83