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  1. J

    errr.... HELP

    1.064 is what i wanted to end at 1.124 is where i started and am stuck at. there was 3 lbs in weight of honey and 1 UK gallon of water (8Pints) given the quantities am i being realistic? i looked up DAP and that seems to be the stuff i'm after.:rockin: and there is a good point...
  2. J

    errr.... HELP

    ahh, oops. the hydrometer goes upto 1.124, i think 1.064 was what i was aiming at, according to a beer calculator i found it would be an ABV around 8%, i'll try not to mash the numbers togther next time... :D i'm not claiming to be anything other than a N00b but could the recipe be so far...
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    errr.... HELP

    Hi all, i've started brewing a honey mead from a book i was given by a friend of mine "Sacred and Herbal Healing Beers" by Stephen Harrod Buhner there are hundreds of recipies in the book and we picked one that looked simple enough, though it was 20 gallons. we reduced the quantity to 1...