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  1. J

    Stuck Fermentation?

    May be an issue with the yeast. Was the first time I used it, quite a coincidence you had the same issue. Probably will keep to S-05...
  2. J

    Stuck Fermentation?

    Same thing happened to me (first time in 66 batches) for my current batch. I had a great start to fermentation looking like it finished vigorously in the first day, left it for nearly two weeks and was about to keg it. Noticed yesterday some activity through the air lock (slow bubbles). I...
  3. J

    Help me troubleshoot kegging problem

    Doh! Tightened up the screws (a lot), they must have loosened in the week or so without pressure. All is good. Saison and American Wheat next weekend!
  4. J

    Help me troubleshoot kegging problem

    Yep, opened each valve (and closed and opened again)..nada. Checked CO2 was going to the right "In" for keg. Been kegging for around 8 years, never had any issues before.
  5. J

    Help me troubleshoot kegging problem

    Just kegged two beers and hooked up to a newly filled CO2 tank. I get pressure indicated for the tank (the horizontal gauge at the end), but both of the top two keg gauges reflect no pressure, nor is there any in the two kegs. I did take off the tank a week prior to fill. Any views on what is...
  6. J

    New England June 2015 Grain Buy

    Read through this thread but can someone clarify where the pickup is? I'm in SW CT. Thanks. Haven't ordered in a while, and shipping costs seem crazy...
  7. J

    overnight mash and keeping my cool

    This was what I was worried about--I was well below 140F overnight. But while kegging tasted fine.
  8. J

    overnight mash and keeping my cool

    Kegged my accidental overnight mash this morning, tasted fine. 1.012.
  9. J

    overnight mash and keeping my cool

    I started my mash around 7:00 p.m., was a little light on my target temp at around 150F. Was around 130F (or so) 9:00 a.m. the next morning. Wort smelled fine, the spent grains smelled a bit sour so we'll see.
  10. J

    overnight mash and keeping my cool

    This morning, well below 140...mash, but OK. Will continue this morning to see how this ends up. Anyone with experience if it does indeed go sour? Drinkable?
  11. J

    overnight mash and keeping my cool

    Ran out of propane tonight, so will be interesting to see if I'm OK with an overnight mash. Best case a light bodied American Amber Ale? Worse case, compost...
  12. J

    Brewers Equipment Stand Review

    Anyone else have experience with this stand? Looking at getting PID or BCS-460 temperature automation features.
  13. J

    Has anyone purchased a brew stand from here?

    Anyone buy a fully automated system? Care to share how it easy it is to operate?
  14. J

    American Wheat critique?

    What mash schedule did you follow?
  15. J

    To Brutus, or not to Brutus. That is the question...

    Anybody outsource the welding of the Brutus frame? What's a good estimate of this?