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    Is Your Jar Full?

    Thanks for that Caine, it's a good one. Lol at steve... :D
  2. J

    What a speech

    That dude's crazy!! Is that sort of fervor normal for you guys??? I get what he was saying, but seriously he was like screaming and stamping his feet and the crowd was going mental - and it seems like this is before anybody had started drinking. :drunk:
  3. J

    Most healthy drink?

    Well technically a carbohydrate is a chemical with carbon, hydrogen and oxygen, which is exactly what alcohol is C2H5OH... As knarfks said 'Calories are calories no matter where they come from'.
  4. J


    Haha nice posts guys, makes me feel a bit better about myself (lol, i know what a jerky thing to say) luckily I haven't done anything too messy (yet). I gotta admit this wasn't the type of thing I was expecting from reading the title, I thought it might have been the result of very lethal...
  5. J

    Good Podcasts on Brewing?

    Aha! I just remembered, try Craft Beer Radio and I think Big Foamy Head is worth a listen. I haven't listened to them yet tho - haven't had time to d/l them :D
  6. J

    St. Patricks Day brew schedule?

    *Crawls into corner*:cross:
  7. J

    Call me crazy....lemon lime fermentation?

    I've brewed a very similar thing, except I used an orange flavoured 'pop' and my gosh it's pretty foul. I was gonna make some hard lemonade, but the owner of my LHBS had an old kit for making orange soda pop and gave it to me for free since it was way past it's expiry date. I just added sugar...
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    Good Podcasts on Brewing?

    As mentioned before basic brewing radio is out there as well as the Jamil show, and there's another one I'm sure, but can't quite place at the momment. BBR has mentioned it a couple times. Anywho, I also like basic brewing video, which is an offshoot of BBR - it does use up a lot of space on...
  9. J

    Possible broken glass in bottles (advice please)

    I've had a similar situation happen to me when I was capping with a wing capper. I was just capping away just as I normally would and all of a sudden out of the blue I went to cap another bottle and with the final little pull down on the wing-thingies the top of the neck of my bottle just about...
  10. J

    Secondary fermentation

    Well welcome to the forums Kenny. You don't really need to use a filter when transfering your beer from primary to the secondary fermentor, just make sure that you try not to stir up any of the trub (aka lees or sediment) at the bottom of the fermentor by moving the fermentor around too much...
  11. J

    St. Patricks Day brew schedule?

    Amen brotha. I've never really planned a brewing session properly, EVER, let alone preplan... jeez :D I really do hate being a poor student. Lol. I can't even remember when st pattys day is (shame on me) - it's quite a coincidence that I was thinking about brewing a stout soon then isn't it?
  12. J

    How important is the pour?

    On the other side of all this, with other certain styles of beers I'm sure that you want the yeast. I'm pretty sure that with hefeweizens the proper pouring techique involves pouring most of the beer into a proper glass and then leaving a bit of beer in the bottle and swirling that remainding...
  13. J

    Perle and Tettnanger: What should I make with them?

    I'm in a similar predicament, I've got 80g (2.8oz) of tettnanger and I'm not sure what would be most suitable to brew, especially considering it's the hottest part of summer down here. I'm guessing that the high temperatures would lend themselves more to a Belgian beer, but I don't have much...
  14. J

    Caramel cream ale?

    Just brewed up my second attempt at this great beer, and only after brewing realised that the more up to date recipe (which is what I followed this second time round) had substituted Hallertauer for Tettnanger. Is there any reason for this, other than possibly the fact that you guys have that...
  15. J

    Taste buds changed?

    I'd have to agree with that. I was much the same as the OP and all you other guys before I got into homebrewing. Heck, I didn't really even like beer all that much but I loved the idea of crafting something like beer myself. I used to think it tasted too bitter and just couldn't even handle a...