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    Bought my Sanyo this morning...

    Got my weekly Costco e-mail this morning. Sanyo 4912 for 199.99 delivered.... http://www.costco.com/Browse/Product.aspx?Prodid=11098669&cm_mmc=BCEmail_246-_-Focus-_-23-_-Sanyo4.9cuftRefrigerator_BCEmail_246
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    Holiday Ale questions

    I have a Holiday Ale in the secondary now....it was a kit from Austin, and they told me to put the spices in during the boil. Hope it doesn't taste like ass :D Actually I tasted after I racked to secondary and it was really a very pleasant taste. Not overpowering at all.
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    Optimator-Spaten Munich

    Spaten Pils is in my top five all time! Need to get that extra fridge for lagering :rockin:
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    Salt Lake City Club??

    It's a shame I just moved to Kanab from Salt Lake otherwise I would love to be part of a club too. I'll bet if anyone knows, the guys at the Beer Nut would.
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    Answer me this....

    So I use the Star San. If it kills on contact (basically)....when you use it to sanitize and there is foam leftover, how come that doesn't kill stuff in your beer? Jus' askin'
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    Twist top bottles?

    I bought a sixer of Liberty Ale, and a sixer of Anchor Steam....thought I could use the bottles. Nope. Oh well, the beer inside was worth it :ban:
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    How to keg instruction?

    Is there a website, or thread somewhere that gives complete instruction on home kegging? The wife got me a kegging system for my birthday, and from reading on here I know a little bit, but am looking for a real top to bottom John Palmer-esque instruction on kegging! As in how to hook it all...
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    Should I go to secondary at this point?

    Yeah but the difference is that I know the 1-2-3 method, but because of life getting in the way I had to break that. Just curious what happens when you break that rule.
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    Should I go to secondary at this point?

    So I have a Christmas brew in the primary. Brewed on the 8th. The earliest I will be able to touch it will be the 23rd (thanks work!). Is it worth going to secondary at that point or with that much time will it have had a good chance to clear?
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    Good keg starting kit on ebay for cheap

    I like how my wife chooses the moniker "beerwidow." Not like she isn't also reaping the benefits of this! So just so you know, there will be a ton of questions to follow over the coming weeks on how to get this set up going!!
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    Oxygen Regulator

    If you are in Salt Lake, haul over to the Beer Nut and ask those guys. Even if they don't have it, I bet they would order one for you. Wish I was closer to the Beer Nut
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    Piece of crap bottle washer...

    Not knowing, I thought the fermtech double bottle washer would be handy. WRONG. Piece of crap! The quick disconnect of the hose broke the second time I took it off. The cheap plastic bit just snapped in half. To boot it didn't wash for crap...
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    AHS shipping now $6.99?

    I just bought some more Apfelwein equipment yesterday, and am sure they charged me 5.99 :confused: