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  1. jay075j

    I Need some help with O.G. and Alc %

    so by my guess, I should be around 11%? Is this normal for Cider?
  2. jay075j

    I Need some help with O.G. and Alc %

    Hey All - I'm an experienced homebrewer and I have about 20 years of beer brewing behind me. I made my first hard cider about 6 weeks ago, and I realized that I never took my O.G. I kind of got out of the habit as I am pretty good at hitting my targets with beer and well, I just plain...
  3. jay075j

    Mash yesterday, Boil Today?

    Thanks for the advice! I just opened it up to take a whif, and I think I just puked in my own mouth.... I'm not going to risk loosing my hops and yeast to this thing. I'm just going to start over tomorrow. Everyone is closed today. Take care and have a great New Year!
  4. jay075j

    Mash yesterday, Boil Today?

    Hey All, So last night I started to brew a Dunkelweizen, and all was going well as normal during the mash. I was finishing up warming up my sparge water in my boil kettle and I noticed that the sight tube on my kettle was actually starting to warp due to the heat. This is where I made...
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    CO2 leaks are driving me crazy

    I'll be the first one to try fix something that has been good to me in the past. But if you dropped good cash on something, and it doesn't work the way it's supposed to right out of the box, I would bring it back immediately! And if they gave me any crap about taking it back, I would also be...
  6. jay075j

    How many gallons of BierMuncher's Centennial Blonde have been brewed?

    712 + another 20 the other day = 732
  7. jay075j

    Bulk Grain Storage

    Alright, this sounds interesting! I would love to see where you got those for 10 bucks!
  8. jay075j

    Cheapest Place to Buy Bulk Grain

    How is that 200 lbs packaged? I may be interested in bringing that up to CT....
  9. jay075j

    Mash Lauter Tun

    There really is no good answer to this. What kind of efficiency are you getting now? What is your exact technique, how is your crush? What is your water profile / pH? There is so much that goes into efficiency that it's really hard to answer this. Efficiency is impacted by many other...
  10. jay075j

    Bulk Grain Storage

    After years of having my grains milled at my LHBS, I finally bought a Barley Crusher, and am now planning out my bulk grain inventory. I have settled on 2-row, Marris Otter, and Wheat as my base grains and all will be in a 50lb bag. I know that the grains need to be kept in a cool and dry...
  11. jay075j

    Poor Man's Three Tier

    I just saw one of those splitters at Cabella's the other day. I though about getting one myself.
  12. jay075j

    Starting to think I got shorted on CO2

    +1 here. I have always thrown my tank on my postal scale once I get it home from Airgas. I have a 10# tank with a tare weight of 27#. It's always weighed 39# with regulator attached and a full tank, and it always starts around 800 psi.
  13. jay075j

    Christmas for my husband

    First off, you are great! I am very jealous as I'm sure most of the other readers are. If you were my wife, the best gift would be that you were taking an interest in what makes me happy. What ever it is that I opened up on Christmas morning is great. Here are some alternative ideas...
  14. jay075j

    best way to add significant body to a stout?

    That looks great! You may want to try this with Marris Otter rather than 2 row. It will add a little more maltiness to it. But I like the way it looks!
  15. jay075j

    My airlock is ready to blow!!!

    Or if you would like to have some fun, don't do anything, let 'er blow, take pics and be sure to post them! I love seeing that!