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  1. J

    Hefeweizen Yeast Selection Experiment

    I'll second m20. Balanced banana and clove up front with a full bready backbone.
  2. J

    Clawhammer Supply BIAB

    One warning flag I saw is that the element didn't look to be ultra low density. I'd be very concerned about scorching. It wouldn't be difficult to swap out though I'd think.
  3. J

    Enrty Via Ginger Beer

    Maybe a small keg with a Spunding valve to dial in the PSI? You could carb it up, then set the Spunding valve to maintain 15psi and serve right from the keg? Mini Keg - 5L Spunding Valve...
  4. J

    1099, 1098 or 1968

    Just a vote for my favorite English yeast, London Ale III, WY-1318!
  5. J

    Does type of coffee in beer really matter?

    I will also add that the times I've tried a light roast in my beers it's often imparted a vegital flavour, like green peppers almost. I prefer a little darker roast for that reason.
  6. J

    Forgot to add my malt extract!

    Yeah, sorry, I should have mentioned this, I boil grains all the time when I decoct a mash. You won't get tannins unless you've got Ph issues. Also, I missed that you DID add the extract already. It'll turn out fine as long as you sanitized well. Lots of people don't add much extract until...
  7. J

    Forgot to add my malt extract!

    Personally, I'd dissolve the extract in a minimal amount of water and add it into the main fermenter. If you use heat to dissolve the extract, let it cool so you don't kill yeast. Basically, you'd only lose a few gravity points if you did it this way due to the extra water. If you don't add...
  8. J

    Newbie BIAB question: 5G batch with 5G kettle?

    I have trouble doing five gallons of anything imperial in a 8 gallon kettle. I'd suggest a smaller batch size if you are going big. If I'm making a DIPA or something bigger, I just scale down to like 4 gallons or whatever works.
  9. J

    2 x 1500 elements + scorching

    I picked up a foldback 1500W 120v from one of the big Home Improvement stores a few years ago. I had scorching issues before that despite anything else I did. Actually, here's a 1650 watt foldback!
  10. J

    Are you an ex-Windsor yeast user who has switched to SafeAle S-04 (or visa-versa)?

    I use both. They are each their own beasts, but I haven't had problems with either, not like you all describe. Windsor I use this on my malt forward beers. I make some Double Pale Ales, Amber Ales, and some Porters and Stouts. I use this on beers I want to have a bigger body on. These...
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    Florida Registration for the Mad Monks Mashup is now open!

    We're also looking for Beer Judges! The 2017 Mad Monks Mashup is looking for expierenced and BJCP Certified Beer judges for next weekend. Although we're not looking at a huge number of entries, the Belgian theme always draws some extraordinary beers. We'd like to make sure to give them the...
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    Florida Registration for the Mad Monks Mashup is now open!

    Mad Monks 2017 Belgian Beer Competition is accepting your entries starting today, January 13th through January 27th. The competition is limited to Traditional Belgian Ales and experimental beers based upon them using the 2015 BJCP guidelines. The brewing competition is registered with the AHA /...
  13. J

    Keezer collars - which wood to use?

    Just to add another option, I used white Poly/PVC board. Moisture won't be a problem, and I find it looks really good on a white freezer. I used 1x4 boards on the outside, insulated the inside, and sealed it to the freezer with and outdoor construction adhesive.
  14. J

    Pull sample from naturally carb'd keg?

    I wouldn't open it up without being able to purge with CO2. I'd worry about oxidation. If anything I'd prefer to push a little foam and give it time to settle down for a flat sample.
  15. J

    Forgot to sterilize scissors to open yeast packet

    I never sanitize my cutting tool, but I only notch the edge of my yeast, then I tear it open.