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  1. jasoux

    stout stainless counter flow chiller with TC fittings

    If you would be willing to ship, I'd like to buy it. PM sent.
  2. jasoux

    California False Bottoms, Blichmann Autosparge, Blichmann Boilcoil

    PM sent for linear flow valve.
  3. jasoux

    California Stainless CFC chiller

    PM sent
  4. jasoux

    Brew Boss 20 gallon cofi basket

    What are the dimensions?
  5. jasoux

    blichmann quick carb

    PM sent
  6. jasoux

    SOLD - Tap Handles

    What are the dimensions of the handles? I wanted to see if they would fit on my kegerator.
  7. jasoux

    Minnesota eBIAB panel, Blichmann Riptides

    PM sent for the pumps
  8. jasoux

    Tap-a-Draft Head

    I have 3 growler taps for sale. I'm selling for $20 each plus shipping.
  9. jasoux

    Beer Gun

    If you are still looking, I have an original model for sale. Let me know.
  10. jasoux

    Minnesota Brewtus 10 Rig For Sale

  11. jasoux

    Minnesota Brewtus 10 Rig For Sale

  12. jasoux

    Washington Items for sale

    I'll take the pH meter. The kegs are steep for me in price. I still can't PM you. See if you can PM me to exchange info.
  13. jasoux

    Minnesota Brewtus 10 Rig For Sale

    More photos of the brew rig.
  14. jasoux

    Minnesota Brewtus 10 Rig For Sale

    You can also check out the Craiglist ad for this brew rig as well. minneapolis.craigslist.org/hnp/for/d/minneapolis-home-brew-beer-all-grain/6944917666.html
  15. jasoux

    Washington Items for sale

    Yeah, still can't PM you. Let me know if you're still willing to ship the pH meter.