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    when did "alot" become a word?
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    First keg attempt. PSI question!

    Yup, what they said. This is normal behavior if you keep the tank in the fridge.
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    Immersion Chiller - brass fittings or hose clamps?

    I used compression fittings on my DIY chiller, but the other thing that I did that I think is more important to preventing the problem you described is to bend your tubing so that the connections are not over the kettle, and the tubing slopes down away from the kettle, so that slow leaks (the...
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    Keg Force Carbing Methods Illustrated

    Gas has to stay on the whole time. As it slowly carbonates, CO2 will continually come out of the tank to keep the headspace pressurized and replace the CO2 that went into solution.
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    Is it a scam? Please help

    If you ever feel a need to ask "is it a scam?", then the answer is pretty much always yes. Stay away from those tickets.
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    What causes "hotness"?

    Just wait. An alcohol hotness is normally a sign of a higher alcohol beer that's too young still. 6.7% is a decently big IPA. When was it brewed? My guess it needs a little more aging time.
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    Is PBW a sanitizer or just a "cleanser?"

    Definitely a cleaner only, you will still need to sanitize the keg. Don't forget to push some through both posts to santize dip tube, gas tube, poppet valves, etc.
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    Keg Force Carbing Methods Illustrated

    Bobby_M's point was that the info printed in BYO is wrong. They said "2-3 days" and "about a week". Both are wrong.
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    When following hop IBU in recipe

    As I said, just do the AAU calculation to adjust the amounts, BeerSmith will probably even do it for you but I've never used BeerSmith so I can't say for sure. I know BeerAlchemy (which I use) will do it. *However*, with the numbers you just described, I wouldn't even bother. The differences...
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    When following hop IBU in recipe

    In general, if you're trying to follow the recipe as close as possible and need to substitute hops, yes you want to tweak the amount based on the AA% of the hops you are substituting and the AA% called for in the recipe. Which would accomplish your goal of hitting the IBU number. However...
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    Dry hopping in a sanke?

    I use a bag for leaf hops, not sure if the mesh is fine enough for pellets or not, I haven't tried it yet. It looks like it would be fine enough though.
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    Keg Force Carbing Methods Illustrated

    Your beer is 100% absolutely OK to drink.
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    Bummer, first under attenuated beer.

    Hmm, another thought. Came across this on Wyeast's website: This is the first beer where through a combination of whirlpooling and a stainless filter, I managed to keep most of the trub out of the primary. That combined with the fact that all I do for aeration is stir vigorously sounds like...
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    Bummer, first under attenuated beer.

    Looking back over the recipe, it does have quite a lot of crystal malt. Maybe that's to blame? This is the brewer's recipe for jubelale that's been posted here and other places from several years ago, so they manage to get good attenuation with this amount of crystal, but I don't know what...
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    Bummer, first under attenuated beer.

    All Grain, mashed at 153. Hit 154 at mash-in, I stirred for a little bit until it had dropped to 153. I usually lose about a degree or so an hour but I didn't bother to take the temp at the end. So it probably spent most of it's time around 152-153. I'm not an expert at this yet, but I...