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    Blonde Ale California Blonde

    Marking this recipe for possible use as my first brew in ~2 years. Getting a sack of 2-row and a partial of vienna this weekend in a bulk buy and want to do something simple to get my brain back in gear for the process. This looks easy enough for me to conquer. Just hoping I can get the...
  2. J

    Most versatile base malt

    So after not brewing for ~18 months, I need something to jump start me back up. My local club is doing a bulk buy next month and was thinking I would get myself a full sack of something versatile that I could work with to brew several different styles. I am very partial to pale ales and...
  3. J

    How long does your brew day take?

    if you count the time i let it sit there to cool down for pitching temps, i am nearing infinity. i really need to get myself a chiller...
  4. J

    DIY Cost-Effective Immersion Wort Chiller

    According to my internet, 20 foot sections are available, not 25. Would you say that is enough tube?
  5. J

    DIY Cost-Effective Immersion Wort Chiller

    According to my internet, 20 foot sections are available, not 25. Would you say that is enough tube?
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    Electric brewing without a 220 line

    So this might not be the best thread for this, but... I am looking at using a similar element (120V - 2000W) for my new setup. But I am at a loss for finding some sort of controller for this. I just want a simple device to shut off my element once the water gets to its desired temp. I'd...
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    MLT/HLT Combo?

    Looking at setting up a sort of 3-tier system, but was curious to know if combining the HLT and MLT was something that has been tried and tested before. I have a chest cooler about to be converted. Would it be wise to add the parts for the MLT and put some sort of electric heating element...
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    Graff (Malty, slightly hopped cider)

    i just kegged mine over the weekend and it fermented out on me to 1.000 how is that even possible?!?!
  9. J

    how to remove floaters?

    so i kegged my last batch and had it carbing for about a week. after lugging it up the steps, i went to pour out my first taste and got about 2 ounces of cloudy beer before it stopped pumping. the bits of hops had clogged up the end of the intake tube. after cleaning it out and letting it...
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    Graff (Malty, slightly hopped cider)

    just pitched the yeast for my batch. OG = 1.058 i couldn't get any of the torrified wheat, and i subconsciously stuck the entire pound of crystal 60L into the pot because that's the smallest size i could get at the brew shop. very excited to compare this to the other 3 batches of cider...
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    getting your own cider

    ^ Yeah, I was considering going to the orchard to pick some out from one of the ones on the list and then taking them to the press that the homebrew club used. I contacted the press and they said they would have no problem filling up my carboys for $4/gal so i might just go with that...
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    getting your own cider

    i was considering taking the apples to a cider press to have them done for me. after watching the process last year, i realized that this was not something i was capable of doing myself in an afternoon!
  13. J

    getting your own cider

    so, i unfortunately had to miss out on the brew clubs cider press weekend, but i really want to get some cider for myself. does anyone know if it would be worth getting a bushel of apples and having them pressed for myself? i have no idea how much cider would make it out of that volume of...
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    for the record: i racked out most of the cider leaving the sediment and top floaters. checked the gravity to be 0.996 (it was 1.004 at last check ~8 months ago) used the sample as a taste test and found that it was pretty awful. tasted really sour. still smelled like apples though...
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    yes, the infection appeared to be on top only. and all the yeast was settled at the bottom. the rest seemed reasonably clear.