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    Help please quick

    Well hit my OG dead on so we will see how it taste. Hopefully no off flavors. Was a late one today wow.
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    Help please quick

    Didn’t upgrade the mash tun and it was to small for the grain bill. Mash was so thick I couldn’t recirc it and tun was to small to add more water. Upgrades boil kettle and HLT not the tun. Thought it would be big enough. Wow was I wrong.
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    Help please quick

    The last beer I royally screwed....well drank a little to much while making, was my best beer ever and I don’t remember how I made it. This one at least I’ll remember.
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    Help please quick

    Just mashing right now. Epic fail. I upgraded my HLT and boil kettle to keggles. Didn’t think about the MLT not being able to support the grain load. Dumped it all in annnnnddddd no recirc so pulled half the wet grain out and it’s in a 5g bucket and then the other half is mashing as normal...
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    Help with gingerbread stout

    I have a recipe from a HBS that has resulted in an excellent pumpkin pie porter. However I’m looking to make a gingerbread stout for Christmas. I would like to use the recipe as a baseline and switch out the pumpkin pie spice for gingerbread spices. Here’s the original: 10# 2 row 1# chocolate...
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    How do you know if a pail is food grade

    My issues is here in Canada all the buckets at lowes are blue. The only white ones are the 2 gallon buckets. I’m sick of paying $25 for a “fermenter bucket” while the ones at HD and Lowes are $3.
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    How do you know if a pail is food grade

    Sorry I should have said I did a search but everything seemed to be American. I know in Canada our marking systems are a little different and FDA is a lot stricter so thought maybe there was a way of telling up here. For example pressurized tanks CO2 must have a DOT (American) and TC (Canadian)...
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    How do you know if a pail is food grade

    Is there a marking on it to look for. The Home Depot pails are saying they are food grade online but also saying there white. In store there orange. Online I cannot find an orange pail to get a description. Hoping there’s a marking to look for. I am in Canada so guessing it will be different...
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    Comparison of mash tun insulation methods

    I used spray foam on mine and then wrapped that in tin to seal it from Anything gross getting on it. Seems to work great. Before I was running HERMs in a 60 minute mash I would only drop 2-3F
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    Built in chiller in boil kettle

    Anyone do this? It’s always a pain in the ass for me to get the chiller in the pot and lid on at the end of a boil. I always find myself pushing and trying to get it past my thermometer thermo couple. Thought having it built in already just like on the HERMs HLT would be way easier. I would use...
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    CO2 to Beer Gas

    Does anyone know if you can use a CO2 regulator and cylinder for beer gas. My homebrew supply shop claims you can. I'm questioning that so would like others opinions. From what I know nitrogen and CO2 act different under pressure. When there mixed im not sure. Also if I'm not mistaken N...
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    Conical dry hopping - Want to bottle but hops have not settled.

    Never used the fast ferment just brewtech conical so just open the lid. From looking at the fast ferment though you could just tie a line to it (sanitized) and then screw the lid on to hold the line. Ive heard of fishing mono line used before and when I tie by fruit bags in wine i use butchers...
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    Need to Stop/Kill Yeast After Fermentation

    No you need to use both. The k meta stops any of the remaining active fermentation. You want to do this before you add the k sorbate as it won't stop active fermentation just prevents future fermentations from starting. You may get lucky only using one or the other but the only forsure method is...
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    Need to Stop/Kill Yeast After Fermentation

    K meta and k sorbate. Add the k meta then 12 hours later add the k sorbate. Was the first link on google for stoping mead fermentation. I have done this on my last 3 sweat meads and hasn't even moved a cork in bottles that are 2 years old stored at cellar temps. Pretty safe to say it will kill...
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    Need to Stop/Kill Yeast After Fermentation

    Campden alone won't work. You need both k meta and .....I'm blanking right now. Campden only kills the active yeast but not the dormant and they can come back or something along those lines. Check out the mead forum on stoping a mead fermentation. Tons of info but you need both. Most wine shops...