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    Almonds in secondary

    I am brewing a brown ale. I was planning on adding whole almonds to the secondary. Does anyone have a good idea of where to start to get a subtle almond flavor, 1lbs, 2lbs? Sorry if this has been asked a lot i searched but could not find much.
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    Question about moving from primary to secondary

    I moved my first batch from primary to secondary over the weekend. Is all the "gunk" at the bottom of the bucket yeast or residue from the krausen? Either way do i want to get all of that into the secondary or leave it behind? Thanks for the help.
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    Homebrew Podcast?

    Thanks guys. Im really looking forward to my 7 hour drive tomorrow now!
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    Homebrew Podcast?

    I remember someone mentioning a really good podcast on homebrewing. Does anyone know the name of it?
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    Wheat beer: is it an ale?

    Does wheat beer use top fermenting yeast?
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    Question about my first brew

    My kit from midwest is arriving today and i will be brewing tomorrow. I am doing a wheat for my first batch. I bought a bottle of blueberry extract which it says to add at to the bottling bucket. My question is since i add the extract to the bottling bucked, would it be ok to bottle...
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    What should i brew for my first batch?

    Yeah i am getting this kit As of late my favorite has been wheats, so if its not to difficult i may go with that for the first one. I was also thinking about an irish red.
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    What should i brew for my first batch?

    Im starting my first batch soon and was looking for some suggestions on what to brew. I was thinking maybe a wheat? Would that be ok for my first one or is that a little more difficult for any reason? Also, im assuming i should just buy a recipe kit for my first time instead of trying to...
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    Beginner here. Help with picking a kit

    I am just getting started in this. Im going to be buying a kit this week. I was looking online at this kit There is a homebrew store about an hour from which sells this kit I was just...