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    Re-Use Brew Kettle for Turkey Fryer?

    That oil will come right out. Clean it and brew on Friday
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    Flamin hot deer

    Can anyone pull the license plate from the police car at the end of the video?
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    Anyone have Pics of float switch used in HLTs? Ideas?

    Of course density varies with temp but that doesn't mean it really matters. When you have graduations, whether etched into the sidewall, stickers on a level gauge or lines on a story board, you aren't accounting for a change based on temperature and those all work great. Everything is really...
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    Anyone have Pics of float switch used in HLTs? Ideas?

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    Anyone have Pics of float switch used in HLTs? Ideas?

    You'd use load cells or even hack a scale. I'm not sure you'd even need to adjust the weight per gallon for temperature.
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    Anyone have Pics of float switch used in HLTs? Ideas?

    I don't understand why you wouldn't just use weight. I don't think I've ever seen a thread on measuring wort volume by weight. I've seen floats before, level sensors (which may just be floats I guess), pressure sensors. What am I missing?
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    How can I minimize oxidation transferring from bucket to keg?

    Just rack it over and don't sweat it. Fill the keg from the bottom so you don't splash.
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    Old yeast and propagation

    That sounds like a perfect plan
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    Old yeast and propagation

    If you're using dry yeast, why not just get some more?
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    No bottle explosions yet but huge gushers...Empty them all? :(

    I think you're fine and you just need to wait a bit longer. How long have they been in the fridge? I'd put em in my basement by a drain and leave em alone for a couple of weeks. A garage this time of year would be good too. Just somewhere cool that will be easy to clean up if they do blow.
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    Keg Conditioning Homebrew

    Conditioning in kegs work great. Bottle conditioning isn't really a good name for carbing with priming sugar. Conditioning is aging and carbing is really a separate process that happens to go on at the same time when bottling. You've got yeast in there either way and they'll continue to clean...
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    DIY FTSs - fermentation chiller

    I'm sure it will work too. Though you might build it and then realize, "That hole would be so much better if it were just a little but more that way."
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    Barb fitting sizes

    Have you tried a worm clamp on it? I bet itll work fine. Tube is sized by OD and thickness. Sounds like your 3/8 in tube is really 3/8 OD but your 1/2 in tube is really 3/4 in with 1/8 in wall and 1/2 in ID.
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    DIY FTSs - fermentation chiller

    You could do proof of concept with a bucket and work out any kinks without modifying an expensive fermenter.