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    My RV-based brewing adventures

    Thanks for the subs guys! Been working on planning out content... more to come!
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    My RV-based brewing adventures

    Thank you!
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    My RV-based brewing adventures

    I would love to hear what tips you have discovered! Thanks!
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    My RV-based brewing adventures

    Hi all, I hope this is the right forum for this. My family and I are moving into a fifth wheel trailer and selling the house! But I sure dont want that to end my homebrew career. I thought I'd make a YouTube channel to share the fun. I'll do some how to videos, and share tips on conquering some...
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    New post a picture of your pint

    An American Amber I made back in November. Why do my photos come in sideways? Using the forum app and an android.
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    What's the big deal with kit brewing

    I brewed about 10 batches of extract beer before I decided to try partial mash. Did one of those then went to all grain. Ran into a coworker recently at the LHBS and chatted with him for a bit. He said he's been brewing extract for years. To each his own. We haven't gotten together yet for a...
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    Don't Do That.

    Span a car battery terminals with a wrench and your wedding ring. Don't do that!
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    My attempt at brewing a Golden Monkey Clone (Victory Brewing)

    Thanks for the reply RM-MN.
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    My attempt at brewing a Golden Monkey Clone (Victory Brewing)

    about 2 weeks ago, I starteda Golden Monkey Clone, based off Denny's Homage to Golden monkey the brew day went pretty well, although when I added my grain to the strike water, I didn't end up at 150 for my mash. I was at...
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    Briess CBW Porter Recipe

    Flu has indeed been nasty this year. Good luck with th porter!
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    Ale to the Chief

    Yeah I could see it being a bit expensive with the local honey, but after brewing a vanilla porter with real vanilla beans I don't think it will be too bad. Also less expensive than usingwhite house honey I presume, haha. Glad to hear y'all like it. I might have to give it a go.
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    Ale to the Chief

    Just stumbled across this... anyone make this with your own local honey? Extra points if you used actual white house honey :-)
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    It's basically impossible to get drunk from sub 6% beers

    I remember those days as well. I knew a few guys that joined the century club 100oz in 100 minutes and thought they were hot stuff. I played along for 36 oz once. That was enough. I am finding though that now, my homebrew goes down a lot easier than the beers I used to buy. I try to keep it to...
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    Average age of home brewers......

    39 and some times it's 4x 5 gallons in a month, but other times, like this month, I haven't brewed at all
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    Fat tire partial mash clone

    @RM-MN I have plenty of beer in the backlog so time isn't really an issue, per se. However since I'm still a relative newbie, 8 weeks still seems like a long time for me. @jalc6927 I tasted it when I kegged. It's one of my best brews yet, and it was flat. Even my non beer drinking wife got...