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    Evaporation rate

    condescension sucks.
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    Stop me before I do something stupid.

    I did a bunch of brews last fall and went on a carbonating to style kick. I did a 5 gallon batch of dunkelweizen and carbed to trhe level you are talking about. I went with 8 ounces of table sugar. I reused commercial 12 oz bottles too. It was super foamy but I did not have any bombs. I have...
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    Gathering a water sample for ward labs

    I am on a private well and on the Ward site they instruct that the water should be run for several hours before taking the sample. While I understand that doing so would eliminate elements that are in my pipes, pressure tank, etc....I wonder if that is neccesary for a brewing water profile, as I...
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    sourdough starter not souring

    Do you think that the oxygen starved lacto will survive in the bottle?
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    sourdough starter not souring

    How much levain did you add to your wort? I might try this .
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    American Amber Ale Red Rye Ale

    Looks just like mine! I really like this beer, and I bottled my second batch of it last weekend. I didnt change a thing.
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    Irish Stout Ó Flannagáin Standard

    I brewed this last fall and hit my numbers exactly. I was disappointed in the thin watery feel also. None of the comments about that appeared until I brewed it. Oh well, I still have 12 or so bottles around to drink but I won't brew it again.
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    sourdough starter not souring

    I am a sourdough baker myself, and i believe that there are two diferent organisms at work in a good starter...yeast and bacteria, which is a lacto strain. The yeast will not give you the sour in your bread, it is the lactobacillus that you have captured. So...I think that when you put it in...
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    British Brown Ale Nut Brown AG

    Well...I have never used smoked malt, but I think everything I have read says that a little goes a long long way. 2# seems like alot...but what the heck do I know?
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    British Brown Ale Nut Brown AG

    Just pitched some top cropped Neo-Brittania I had been saving in a jar in the fridge. Followed the recipe exactly, ended up at 1.060...I love BIAB.
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    British Brown Ale Nut Brown AG

    Just mashed in. BIAB brewer, so here we go!
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    American Amber Ale Red Rye Ale

    I brewed this back in early September and out of the 18 or so brews I have done since I started this hobby last winter this has by far been my favorite brew. Great recipe with the Columbus hops.:mug: