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    Beer concentration market research

    Hey guys, I have an elementary engineering class for which my group is "creating" a small fractional freezing unit. The unit could be used to create ice beer and concentrate juices. We have to do a little market research; however, it is hard to find to statistics for paraphernalia sales so I...
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    Carbonation Options

    The beer was fermented with German Ale yeast up to 60%AA, champagne yeast was then added to further attenuate the beer to an 80%AA, so the beer has had champagne yeast. The fermentation took place over a month or so and the beer has been aged in a carboy for an additional six months. I don't...
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    Carbonation Options

    Thanks for the input. That is why I am going to use champagne yeast.
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    Carbonation Options

    I have a 14.5ABV beer that has been sitting in a secondary carboy for 6 months. Will the beer carbonate properly if I add some fresh champagne yeast and sugar or should I just keg it? I would prefer to bottle the beer so that I can stash the bottles for further aging, as opposed to having to tap...
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    BATF Arizona Brew Day Sunday 9/7

    I would love to come to the brew out, whenever you decide to hold it. I should also be able to make it to Papago on the Thursday. I have a question, what is a "container" party?
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    BATF PHX - Recruiting Drive 7/24 THUR

    I will try to make it, but I cannot guarantee!
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    Phoenix AZ gathering - BATF 07/09

    Hey, Glen, that would be me!:) Sorry about the lager, and thanks for the bottle!
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    Wheat Wine?

    My first suggestion would be: buy a bottle of Aventinus Wheat-Doppelbock (Weizenbock). The weizenbock style mixes the maltiness and alcohol of a doppelbock with the yeast and bread character of a hefeweizen. In other words: a strong, malty, wheat beer. I think it's important to try the different...
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    Abandoned Keg

    Thank you, olllllo, I appreciate your support. I really hope nobody thinks I want to keep it!:mad: I have all the equipment I need. I just saw the keg and wasn't sure what to do so I asked for advise.
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    Abandoned Keg

    That was exactly what I thought! I asked all the room mates and they don't know, which is ridiculous! If I had been there I would remember. I know some of the other people that were there, so I plan to ask them. The problem is my friend is 20miles away and I don't go there too often, so it will...
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    Abandoned Keg

    I don't have a problem with deposit money, I want to return it because I feel it is the right thing to do. I just don't want the original buyer of the keg to come looking for it, asking me for money! I'm going to ask around a bit, see if I can track him down, if I can't I will take it to a...
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    Abandoned Keg

    I was brewing at my friend's house yesterday, when I noticed an inconspicuous Anheuser-Bush keg, sitting in a tub, empty. Apparently, he had a party last week and somebody had brought the keg (he actually doesn’t drink). When I asked him why they hadn't returned it, he said that nobody...
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    BATF - PHX June Brewout 06-07

    It was my English IPA, I'm glad you guys enjoyed it!
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    BATF - PHX June Brewout 06-07

    I want to say that I had a great time meeting you guys! Thanks to everyone, especially olllllo for hosting the brewout.
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    BATF - PHX June Brewout 06-07

    What time are you guys planning on meeting at Papago? Looks like I don't have work, therefore I should be able to make it.