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    Just a bit of fun...

    HA, thats cool. well done. where can we find more of your work?
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    Boilover from hell!

    Ummm... would I add the scalded flesh to the primary or secondary. I added my singed flesh to the primary, will this ruin my beer :))
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    Crush, Crush, Crush!

    Whats the downside of crushing too tightly, (too much)? Logic would tell me husks getting in the wort and causing astringency, anything else besides the obvious?
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    First Brew - First Label

    Very nice, I really like the humor of the brewery location. Well done, and yeah, how did you make it? what'd you use?
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    Oaked IPA trouble

    Well now i'm curious to see what happens. :D
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    chimay EXTRACT recipe?

    WOW, thanks doc, this is definately one I will enjoy having tucked away for a rainy day.
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    AHS Double Chocolate Stout

    Yeah, you'd probably want to let that one sit for a little while, but you might find that all of them will improve with age.
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    HBT Contest - Win a Lifetime Membership

    my little girl on the left, I think that look is priceless
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    What is a Fining Agent?!

    I always add gelatin to my secondary. I find that its clearing ability can't be beat. I've never tried isinglass though. Gelatin and a good cold break with conditioning are the best things for clearing.