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    Phillips Brewing Blue Buck Pale Ale clone

    I was thinking the same thing, either victory or even melanoidin.
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    (NEIPA) Imperial Yeast - Kveiking

    SweetCell, Thanks for the input, I think I will make a starter and keep some aside for another brew. I'm very excited to finally try the Kviek yeast. My fermentation chamber refrigeration unit it out for repair and I don't have temp control, so it's a good time of year to have some...
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    (NEIPA) Imperial Yeast - Kveiking

    Any updates on pitch rates or amount of pouch used for batches? I have a pouch from April and I brew 15 Gallon batches. Should I just use the entire pouch?
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    How many gallons brewed in 2020

    3777 + 15G Hazy IPA + 15G Spruce & Juniper W.C. Pale Ale + 15 G Hazy Pale Ale = 3822
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    Saskatoon Berries

    I'm going out to pick some today, did you end up brewing one? Did you like it if so?
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    What are you drinking now?

    Just finished off a keg of my Raspberry and Thimble berry ale, and am about to finish my keg of Spruce and Juniper West Coast Pale Ale.
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    How many BTU's for a 25 Gallon Kettle????

    Thanks for the feed back fellas! Mucho appreciado!
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    Spring Giveaway ONLY CANADA customers

    The ICT310 looks amazing, more than interested sounds like the right thing to say.
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    Hello From the West Kootenays BC

    Yes, I am aware, I will be attending the Apr. 20th meeting. See you there.
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    How many BTU's for a 25 Gallon Kettle????

    Hey everyone, I'm trying to find the most efficient burner for my 25 gallon system. Anyone have any ideas? Cost is important as my 3 pc. setup cost me a pretty penny already. InstantParadox.
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    Hello From the West Kootenays BC

    Hello to all, thanks for sharing this great resource with everyone and creating a network where us beginners can attain knowledge and hopefully avoid mistakes. So far in my readings of these forums I've read nothing but great questions and answers. I'm looking very forward to networking...
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    How did you find us?

    What about draining your cooling water to a bucket to use for sterilization?
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    How did you find us?

    I'm just getting in to brewing and have been researching as much as possible... this vast sweep of the intraweb lead me here..... have I found MECCA?