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    American Pale Ale Bee Cave Brewery Haus Pale Ale

    Wow, it only took about 40 hours from pitching time to ferment! Airlock activity stopped, gravity 1.011. Incredible.
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    Facing an EdWort conundrum

    I'll be sure to try FWH sometime soon. Until then, I've put Ed's Ale in primary. Wound up with slightly less than 5 gallons, but hit the OG on the head. My mash was a bit on the thin side; I overshot the mash temp a bit, added cold water to compensate, undershot, then added hot water. The result...
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    Facing an EdWort conundrum

    I decided to forego the FWH. And I just had my first boilover! The AG hot break really is nasty. Good thing I waited before adding the hops.
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    Facing an EdWort conundrum

    thanks for the tip, Ed... it's too late for this time, but I'll remember that the next time I need dextrose. On a different note, I asked this in the Haus Ale thread, but it's only so active, so I hope it's not taboo to ask again here... I've read great things about FWHing. Would it be...
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    American Pale Ale Bee Cave Brewery Haus Pale Ale

    Anyone ever FWH this with good results? Doing first AG today, and I've only heard good things about FWH, but not sure if it's appropriate here.
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    Good sites for brewing studies?

    Hey all, with the up-and-coming move to AG, I'm quite interested in reading lab research on the subject of brewing. Where might I find such studies (for free)?
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    Where to install carboy handle?

    My glass carboy has two "lips" -- the top rim and one below it. Which should hold the carboy? I presently have it on the lower one (, but a quick google image search will show pictures both ways. Furthermore, the instructions on the handle package say to "press down until it encompasses the base...
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    Increased Pot Volume

    Me too, but then the sad face wouldn't make sense. ;)
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    Slow fermentation????

    Are you saying it's stopped at 1.038? Or is it still bubbling away? In my opinion, every 10 seconds isn't all that slow (assuming you're using the 3-piece lock... I've no experience with the other kind).
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    My beer tastes... watery?

    There's nothing about that recipe that should produce a "harsh" or "strong" taste. I think your expectations were off a bit. That said, it's likely to taste less watery after conditioning for a few weeks in bottles. Congrats on your first brew!
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    Ticky tacky question

    Start the timer with your first hop addition.
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    Weis Beer tastes like 80 proof liquor!

    Wheat beers (in my experience) tend to be quite dry. The 1% alcohol boost contributes even more dryness (it's just sugar). The combination may give that impression. However, I found this on the web, and it says your OG should have been 1.062-1.066. Adding the boost should have brought that...
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    Another turkey fryer question

    I plan on doing my first AG within a week using the 30qt pot. May not be easy, but I don't like the idea of spending loads of cash on a kettle (not yet anyway). I'll just have to be careful for boilovers. Very careful. But that's just me... if you want a 15 gallon aluminum kettle, here's the...
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    Bad Primary Bucket?

    Sure there's enough water in the airlock? Pressing the lid to test it may suck some water out into the bucket when you release the pressure. On the other hand, if there's lots of water in there, the "hat" in the airlock will get jammed up against the lid of the airlock and won't move. If you...
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    OMG... What has She DONE?

    Sounds like it may be time to introduce your household pet to glorious world of homebrew.