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    My GE 7.0 cu ft keezer build

    I must say great idea for the top with the bottle caps. I had a similar idea i have been saving caps for but now i may even need to save more than my original goal.. P.S. I spotted a Miller cap in the mix towards the middle.. I hope that got in the mix by accident!! LOL
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    What are you drinking now?

    Bells HopSlam! It's glorious....
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    Should I?

    I'd let it go.. 5 points ain't that far off
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    What are you drinking now?

    Rogue yellow snow. At the moment.. Then I'm having a Anderson valley IPA
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    What are you drinking now?

    It has to be glorious!:ban:
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    Orientation of stored wine bottles

    I could just about agree providing you have a nice good thick coating on the bottle and that it also a good seal meaning no bubbles on top or good dip job..
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    Regular airlock vs. Duplex airlock

    I'm going to have to agree with rabegetragen.. They really are a must ( or something equivalent) if your doing either process correctly..
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    Your experiences with second hand carboys

    Here some food for thouhght. Hold it up to light if there is a rainbow effect in the glass that's usually from a mineral/ chemical build up that it has developed from sitting in a basement or somewhere similar. Usually if it is infected there is no real way to get rid of it. This makes it...
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    Orientation of stored wine bottles

    Laying bottles keeps the cork swelled which keeps it sealed.. I would say waxing does not eliminate the factor of keeping them on thier side.
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    Regular airlock vs. Duplex airlock

    Three piece are more popular. Main reason is they are easier to clean.but most brewers use three piece and I see more wine makers use the double bubble, it all comes down to preference.. Just my outlook on the topic,from owning a homebrew shop and see who buys them everyday..
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    Bacteria or just krausen?

    Ya agree looks fine.
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    Southern Tier Pumking

    Good Beer but 2 cases of 22oz Bottles = $181.97 TOTAL.. Yep If i only kept track on how much i spend on beer in a years time..
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    Getting ready to tackle a Lambic .. Thinking Raspberry. I was looking for any info possible. Anyone who has tried it or knows anything about it. Just covering all corners before i start it. Make sure there isn't some sort of helpful knowledge out there i haven't read or seen yet. Cheers! Mike
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    Thoughts on Nugget & Summit Together

    Pondering on a Imperial IPA with Nugget and Summit.... Thoughts ? Opinions ? Cheers!