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    Illinois Cool Brewing swamp chiller

    Selling a Cool Brewing fermenter. Never used - straight out of the box. I happened to receive it as a gift at the same time as I received another similar model so I really don't need it. Great for fermenting for brewers who are short on space. More info on the product is here...
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    Cool Zone experience?

    Has anyone had any experience with the Cool Zone from www.inspiredbrewing.com? I'm in a 1 br. Apt in a big city and temperature control and space are my biggest issues. This looks like it may be a good solution in that it is small and looks like it can be put away easily. Thoughts...
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    Low temps for fermentation

    Need to leave town for a few days so I can't monitor fermentation temps on my Belgian Wit I just put in the fermenter. White Labs Belgian yeast--White Labs says its good 67 F. Planned to ferment in the fridge but the highest the fridge will go is 64. Temps in the house hover around 85 during...
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    Swamp Chiller temps

    Tired of buying ice to fill my bathtub with, I'm making a quick swamp chiller this weekend for a new brew. I've heard, however, that you need the temperature of the water in a swamp chiller to be lower than what you actually want to ferment at. Anyone have any methods, theories, ideas of...
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    Metallic taste

    Re iodophor: ive used starsan and and still had the metal taste. Re the water: I've had the same problem w water in two different places--buffalo ny and Ann arbor mi. I hear they're both good for water purity. I so use a Brita water filter. Would that do anything?
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    Metallic taste

    I've brewed about 8 batches, and all have a metallic flavor. Here's a few recipes I've used and had metallic taste on it. The darker the beer, the more pronounced the metallic flavor. The worst was the Pumpkin...
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    Autumn Seasonal Beer Thunderstruck Pumpkin Ale (AG and Extract versions)

    Just looking for an up/down vote from folks on two issues: Spice tea or add spices at boil? Different spice mix (ginger, nutmeg, cinna., etc) or just pumpkin pie spice? And how much?
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    immersion chiller

    A question to add-on to the end here... I just made my own immersion chiller using the DIY projects section. I've tightened my compression fittings as tight as they possibly could go and the joints still leak a little bit between copper and fitting. Any suggestions??? (more of a plumbing...
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    Too Much Wort!

    Thanks for the advice. I'll try the 90 minute boil from now on. For now, I'll just have to drink 4 gallons of beer instead of 3. I have BeerSmith but am slowly learning all the in's and out's of it. Are there any tutorials or manuals to get the most out of BeerSmith...or any advice on...
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    Too Much Wort!

    No... I'm way under for my target OG. I assumed a .10 boil off rate. The pot is 5.2 gal. and is normal width for a pot that size. But I'm boiling it on a stove top so it usually takes it about 30-40 minutes to get up to a boil.
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    Too Much Wort!

    I've had this problem a couple of times--coming up with too much wort. This past weekend I did an AG Pumpkin Ale, looking to brew 3 gallons and came up with 4 gallons :( Here's the calculator I used. http://www.brew365.com/mash_sparge_water_calculator.php I boil on my stove so I may...
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    Simple Immersion Wort Chiller

    Ok...but one of my problems is that I built it and it simply leaks terribly--water spraying everywhere. I tried to tape the leaky spots but it doesn't really work and i don't want water dripping into the wort. The compression fittings are as tight as they go and I can just pull them right off...
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    Simple Immersion Wort Chiller

    OK--hoping someone can help out with a bit of a problem. I purchased the parts for the chiller, bent my copper (20', I only brew 3 gal. batches at a time) into a fancy looking coil and all, but couldn't figure out the attachments? I thought it'd be pretty self explanatory but I tried every...
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    Can beer be shipped?

    Shipping beer across state lines is illegal. That being said...if you were to do it, per say, you'd want to pack well in a bottle with lots of newspaper and packing peanuts. One might suggest using a prepackaged box from a site like liquidsolutions.biz. One might even want to put the bottles...
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    Boston Lager

    Sam Adams bills most of its recipes as an American, East Coast adaptation of a European style. So, I'd say its fair to assume tha Boston Lager is in a category of its own. I get a fair amount of caramel as well.