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    Yeast still good?

    I have never had good luck with White Labs lager yeast. It either doesn't ferment all the way or ends up tasting funny. A packet of dry Saflager pitched directly into the wort has always worked out great for me. As an aside so people don't think I'm bashing WL, their Ale yeasts are the only...
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    barley wine needs repitching?

    So I have a starter growing..... There is a lot of crap on the bottom of the carboy. Do I rack and repitch or do I toss the yeast on top of all the old stuff?
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    barley wine needs repitching?

    What will the wine yeast do to the flavor? I'd like it to get a little lower gravity, but it tastes about right as it sits (seems I made a slightly more bitter Bigfoot).
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    barley wine needs repitching?

    Made a partial mash barley wine, OG 1.105, 120 IBU! (planned on letting it sit for a long time anyway) After 3 weeks primary on WL Edinburgh yeast, it seems kinda pooped out at 1.038. If I am going to repitch, do I rack first then repitch? Or just toss fresh yeast into the primary? Can I use...
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    Lager questions

    Thanks. I don't use any chlorine bleach, I uber-filter my water, and rinse everything before the wort hits it. Here's to hoping it goes away with time.
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    Lager questions

    I've made a light american style lager recently, other than the gravity never going below 1.020, it worked out fine, ended up tasting perfect and carbonating perfectly. Bud-mil-pabst-ener in a brown bottle. I recently made a higher gravity lager, with LDME, a couple pounds of pilsner malt and a...
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    Serious Question (Broken Thermometer in Beer)

    With all of these things breaking....doesn't anyone else use a digital thermometer? I always use my automotive multimeter with a Type K thermocouple in the kitchen. Easy to sanitize, never going to break, tolerates huge temp ranges and very accurate.
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    large bottles

    When I pour a pint it is usually a little ways below the rim. Thus the 22 ouncer has some waste. I really prefer to sit with a few friends and fill everyone's glass at once, but do not want to deal with kegging quite yet. I have a few of the Sierra bottles, I didn't realize they were 24 oz...
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    large bottles

    Where to get large bottles for homebrewing? 22 oz is too big for one glass, too small for 2 glasses. I have some 32 oz bottles someone gave me that are almost perfect, about 2 1/2 glasses per bottle. I'd like to get some larger like 40oz,or more 32 oz bottles. What kind of beer comes in...
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    I agree with the rennet issues, you need to buy real rennet and cheese culture, don't use yogurt and pudding supplies. However, just like brewing beer, you can make a fine cheese without getting too technical. I've made awesome cheddars with no more equipment than a thermometer, a big pot...
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    You should be able to pitch on top of the old yeast. I had a strawberry mead that stopped at 1.060 from 1.090 after a couple of weeks. I tossed in a packet of dry champagne yeast, it took it down to 1.001 in a week.
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    Any Mixed Martial Arts fans here?

    These kind of recent decision fights I keep seeing make me pine for the old days of UFC when you just went until somebody won. Only having a few short rounds really takes technique, skill, and stamina out of the game and substitutes brute force. More fans seem to enjoy it, which is why what's...
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    Cheeese and homebrew?

    I'd be concerned on the part of the cheese, if it is naked to the air I wouldn't want yeast getting on it, that can ruin the cheese. Chances of the cheese bacteria getting to the sealed beer is unlikely though.
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    ready to bottle-already carbonated?

    Well I waited a while, bottled it with a little less than 3/4 cup corn sugar. 4 days into bottling I got my first bomb ever! Put on the welding apron/gloves/face shield, moved them all into coolers with a bunch of ice hoping to decrease the pressure and halt more CO2 production. After they...
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    tap water

    I used to think city water wasn't an issue because the beer tasted good. Then, I made a couple batches of beer out at my parents house, where the water supply comes directly out of a spring about 1/4 mile uphill. Best beer I ever tasted were those batches. Since then I use a very expensive...