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    Hop rocket as infuser, how to hookup?

    Need some help :D I bought a hop rocket earlier this year, and tried using it as a hop back. I didn't hook it up correctly, and ended up plugging my pump and got frustrated and set the hop rocket on a shelf. I want to use this as a randall, but confused on how to hook it up to my 3/16"...
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    CP's Brew Chart 3.0

    I made the link public so anyone can get into it -
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    CP's Brew Chart 3.0
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    GE 7 CF (FCM7SUWW) keezer conversion

    It does, cools down ice cold fast. He was a homebrewer, but was selling all his stuff. I thought I was just getting the freezer but he included everything else!
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    GE 7 CF (FCM7SUWW) keezer conversion

    I got all of this for $99, did I do ok?? Includes a A419 controller as well.!1352&authkey=!AOG5wD33gQnrWPo&v=3&ithint=photo%2cjpg
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    Just finished its in the fermentor !

    You might not see any activity in the airlock. Take a gravity reading in 12-14 days.
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    American Porter Bee Cave Brewery Robust Porter

    Pole, 3/8" will be just fine. I just affixed 3/8" to my better bottle yesterday when I got home to this -
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    American Porter Bee Cave Brewery Robust Porter

    I'm making 11 gallons of this, and I'm thinking of doing 2oz of oak chips soaked in bourbon for 5.5 gallons. Anyone else try this with oak/bourbon in secondary then keg?
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    American Porter Bee Cave Brewery Robust Porter

    Gents, I just picked this recipe up but I got Belgian Debittered Black Malt instead of just Black Malt. Will this make a huge difference in the beer?
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    wonder what all the poor people are doing

    hou me, are you still alive?
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    Yes, and it's best to have a blanket of c02 in the transfer keg to remove oxygen.
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    Festbier World's Best Oktoberfest

    Brewed 10.5 gallons of this on 9/15, used W34/70 in one carboy, and wyeast 2124 in the other. I did a 2L starter for the wyeast batch, that took off within 12 hours, the W34/70 took a full 36 hours to krausen. Both look healthy! Only my third lager, love watching the slower fermentation...
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    Can you Brew It recipe for Firestone Walker Union Jack

    Has anyone tried brewing this as a lager? I have Wyeast 2124 and have always wanted to make an India pale lager. Any advice is appreciated!
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    Group Buy in Chicago #9

    Clanchief, is it Bill (Begin2Brew)? I know he lives in Antioch and he normally picks up my grain and arcticz's grain from Chicago. If so that would be dope if you could bring it to Bill's as long as you and Bill would be okay with it. Arcticz usually picks up the grain from there. I'd have...
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    Group Buy in Chicago #9

    Anyone able to pick up a few sac's from bmasons and bring them north? Pretty please with cherry on top?