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    What are you drinking now?

    I'm still working my way through a keg pumpkin ale... brewed it last September and it's still not gone. Finally finished my amber off, though.
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    Autumn Seasonal Beer Punkin' Ale

    Just crushed my grain for this one this afternoon, going to make it for the second time tomorrow morning. Hopefully I'll have better efficiency after crushing it myself this time. Will try to take pictures.
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    Large Giveaway - Fermenter, Mash Paddles, Thermapen

    CP username = icebrain
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    Autumn Seasonal Beer Punkin' Ale

    Well, I gave in and tried one... it's still a little green, but I'm impressed at how well it turned out given my undershot efficiency. It's smooth and still has a malty taste; the pumpkin and spice is detectable and the hops are still noticeable enough to make it taste like a beer. I'll have...
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    Autumn Seasonal Beer Punkin' Ale

    I just bottled mine Wednesday night, when I should have been doing homework (hooray grad school :rolleyes:). The hops seemed to be more prominent, and there was a ton of sludge left in the bottom of the carboy. I'll give them two weeks in the bottle and try the first one to see how it's...
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    Autumn Seasonal Beer Punkin' Ale

    Well, it looks and smells great... but my process could probably still use some improvement. I lost a lot of the foamy stuff at the beginning of the boil; it cleared away a lot of particulate matter but I probably lost a few ounces of wort, too. My OG was also lower than I expected...
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    Autumn Seasonal Beer Punkin' Ale

    About to try this one tomorrow morning. It'll be my second all-grain attempt; hopefully it goes better than my first (undershot efficiency by about 25%).
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    Unopened grains - still good?

    Thanks everyone... I'll be using them then.
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    Unopened grains - still good?

    I purchased a bunch of chocolate malt and 60L last year, but didn't get a chance to use them. All of it is still sealed and unopened, and uncrushed. THey've been stored in a dark cupboard in a cool area of the house (or at least as cool as you can get in south Georgia). Do you figure it's...
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    Temperature control

    I could just be missing something, but how the heck do you guys control your temperatures? I have a very hard time keeping things within a 20-degree range, much less down to a range of 1 or 2 degrees. So far, everything seems to have turned out okay (been doing extracts w/ steeped specialty...
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    Cherry Wit

    I'm working on this one right now; threw the cherries in a blender and used the resulting slurry in the secondary. It went from amberish to dark red. Though, it appears the cherry juice is fermenting, too :confused: We'll see how it turns out.
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    Hello and first batch underway... but stuck

    Yeah, I have the hydrometer, I just forgot to use it :o But apparently, I still can? Hmm... all right, I'll give it till Monday and take a reading. I'm assuming also that bottling can be done straight from the fermenter? Or should I clean out another bucket to do that from? Thanks (you'd...
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    Hello and first batch underway... but stuck

    Hello all, I recently started my first batch (a porter) last Monday with some coaching from my brother (who's done 3-4 brews) and a couple of books. But now I'm stuck, since I can't get hold of said brother (he's on the other side of the Atlantic). Anyways, here's the situation. After...