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    Just bottle it already??

    it's gonna be a while!, buy a carboy, or two. dont forget to add your nutrient, lots of great help here for first time mead makers. mine's been going since last aug.! im hoping to bottle.... this fall. good luck.
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    o.g. adj. for temperature

    thanks for getting back to me, sorry for the delay i my response... been working. So if my math is right, even though I've racked this a total of three times, technically it's still a primary fermentation? After the ferm. stops and the yeast goes dormant should I rack to get it off of the yeast...
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    Free hops and plants!!

    happy birthday, i found 20" platic totes with the fake fope handles at lowes for $7.ea. I drilled some holes in the bottom and they seem to work fine. I also found some HUGE plastic planters for 45$ at the depot. like what you'd put a tree in. they nust be 32" across the opening and at least...
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    o.g. adj. for temperature

    THis is a basic mead with clover honey.(12lbs) and liquid yeast. I started last august. It moved alond nicely and I racked in Dec,08. It cont. nicely and I planned on racking again this march. In mid Feb., I realized I had a stuck Ferm. ( O.G. 1.027+/-) After some questions/answer from LHBS and...
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    o.g. adj. for temperature

    Is the adjustment of a gravity reading for temp. on a mead similar or different than beer ? I believe beer is SUPPOSED to be 60' for an accurate gravity read, but is adjusted for the actual temp at time of reading. My mead is about 73' and the last reading was about 1.008. There is still solid...
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    Suggestions on how to attach twine to roof?

    maybe a sort of flag pole idea at each end of the row of hops with a pully at the top of each pole so you could run the twine between the poles and through the pulleys and down to a tie-off at the base of each pole. tie the twine the vines will climb to the twine between the poles and raise it...
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    Someone Tell Me About Fat Tire Ale

    yeast always makes a difference, especially with a belgian. northern brewer has a good recipe with the particular yeast new belgium uses, or they did have. i'd like availability of clones for some of their other beers also. i think it's worth brewing.
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    re-starting suck mead ferm

    hello all, i'm currently working my way out of an apparent stuck mead fermentation, occurring in secondary after 3 months or so. gravity when i racked it into third carboy was 0.030. there had been no action at all for several weeks. temp was 66' or so. it tasted very good but was still sweet...
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    Trellis on House Question

    i believe your theory is sound, it's what i'd planned to do. i hadn't thought of the clips, thats a good idea. i'm planting 2 rhizomes per mound and will run more strings per mound, for the 3 or 4 strongest shoots. pre-drilling the holes for the eye hooks will aid installation. p.s., don't...
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    How do you guys store your bottles of homebrew?

    buy a new fridge and a temp. controller and put it n your wifes closet!
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    Growing Hops In Iowa

    i'm from iowa originally, with that soil, rocks will grow there. if you want some great fertalizer, try the "spray and grow" web site. it's wonderful stuff. I'll be starting my rizomes this spring in ga. our soil is clay, with some gray dirt mixed in here and there. you'll be fine