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  1. IanJ

    What beer/homebrew blogs/magazines do you read?

    Mainly here, r/homebrewing and occasionally random stuff that pops up in my Google feed, like brulosophy or cb&b posts. Never have time for video anymore, so scrolling through quick posts or reading in bed is perfect. I've been thinking about building homebrewing into my own beer mag/website...
  2. IanJ

    Shut down leisure activities-what are y'all doing to pass the time?

    I've gone a few times with caution, but considering the rampant spreading around here, we've essentially been told to avoid being outside unless for a quick trip for food or healthcare, maybe a quick run for exercise. Lots of people are out there ignoring the rules, congregating in groups, not...
  3. IanJ

    Shut down leisure activities-what are y'all doing to pass the time?

    Locked down in a tiny NYC apartment in the middle of this pandemic... not much to do and starting to go stir crazy. Might try and learn to code or something else once I have the mental energy to focus, but for now all I can feel is stress/anxiety. Leisure activities in a small living space with...
  4. IanJ

    Hornindal kveik is a rocketship

    Maybe the beer will be done fermenting in 20 minutes and ready to drink by tomorrow morning, once it's done cleaning up? :p
  5. IanJ

    Stuck Fermentation

    Don't know what conditions were present when you took your hydro readings, but those numbers seem pretty far apart. Both temperature of the liquid and carbonation (if enough co2 is present to push up the hydrometer, bubbles in it, etc) would effect the reading. Have you calibrated your...
  6. IanJ

    iSpindle - DIY Electronic Hydrometer

    Awesome, thanks! Those were the ones I was looking at, and seemingly the only reliable place to buy. So I don't have an accurate measuring device beyond a few rulers, but from what I can tell the ID of an unused 3 gallon BB is approximately 1.75" so theoretically those should fit without any...
  7. IanJ

    iSpindle - DIY Electronic Hydrometer

    Does anyone know if the XL or XXL preforms can fit into a 6 gallon Better Bottle neck? Dimensions/specs posted in various places seem to have conflicting information about it. From what I've read it won't fit in a glass carboy, however those openings are about 1/4-1/2 inch smaller I believe.
  8. IanJ

    Make IPA Clear Again

    Maybe they confused boosting calcium-sulfate with calcium, and poured a gallon of milk into the mash?
  9. IanJ

    Make IPA Clear Again

    In honor of finally reading through the entire topic, and all of the wonderful talking points within, I'll share this Instagram account that I found... which will surely make some of you giddy with glee: Some highlights:
  10. IanJ

    Hornindal Kveik is blowing my mind

    Enjoying my DDH Hornindal NEIPA ~6 days grain to glass. Impressed for sure, though this totally masks any potential yeast character and was just really fun to ferment hot and fast. Wondering what I should try with it next...
  11. IanJ

    Hornindal Kveik is blowing my mind

    This stuff is definitely fun to work with! Pitched half a teaspoon of slurry from an Omega pouch into 3 gallons of ~1.068 wort and it was already going nuts 5 hours later. Think it's still going now, with a ~1 inch krausen 72+ hours later. Temperatures have naturally dropped down to 79 today...
  12. IanJ

    The craft beer bubble is busting.

    But to those folks, anything with enough ingredient buzzwords is the best you'll ever try -- and totally worth charging $9 for a 10oz glass of. At least in NYC where it's easy to get away with selling swill where money flows like water... or juicy NEIPA's that taste like toilet water... but...
  13. IanJ

    Anyone stay on extract brewing?

    After a few extract batches at the beginning, the "twang" really bugged me. Maybe it was partially ingredient quality and lack of technical brewing skills, but I've got a strong sense of smell and taste which really made it hard to keep doing extract brewing. Nothing worked as it should have, to...
  14. IanJ

    You know you're a home brewer when?

    When you're riding down an elevator, you look at the wall and think man that'd be a lot of hops for 5 gallons of beer.