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    Corny Kegs in Houston

    Hey guys, need some help finding a couple good corny's in Houston. Anyone know of a good place around town to get one for a good price? And speaking of price, what's the average price to be expected these days for one? I know they're not going to be the $20 I got them for a couple years ago...
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    Real fruit or fruit puree

    Well its been a while so thought I might supply an update... Both the strawberry and raspberry turned out very well! The strawberry came out with a very nice aroma and just a hint of strawberry flavor on the back end of the beer. It definitely wasn't overpowering which is something I was...
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    Need a ticket for Jester King Funk n’ Sour Fest

    Hey all, wondering if anyone has an extra ticket they're willing to sell for the 3rd Annual Jester King Funk n’ Sour Fest in Austin on 10/27? Bought a couple tickets but we're one short for our group of friends. Much appreciated if you have an extra, willing to pay a reasonable amount for it...
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    Real fruit or fruit puree

    I bottled both beers yesterday after 16 days in secondary. I had 2 gallons of raspberry wit (extract) and 3 gallons of the strawberry wit (real fruit). I think the raspberry will come out ok, I just need a few attempts to get the extract flavoring amount just right, I started conservative on...
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    Fruit in beer - to puree or not to puree?

    One idea I've heard about to keep the auto-siphon from clogging is to take either a muslin bag or paint-strainer bag and tie it around the end of the auto-siphon so that it acts as filter. Haven't tried it but I'm getting ready to rack my first strawberry wheat onto strawberries so I'll try this...
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    Real fruit or fruit puree

    Yeah I thought about doing a slightly uneven divide and see how it goes, this is all experimenting right now so if one doesn't quite work out its not too big of a loss. I think my next set of fruit beers will all have tailored recipes for each flavor, for this one I took a good wheat recipe I...
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    Real fruit or fruit puree

    I really want to do the strawberry beer and I have a few people that I'm working with who want to see how it turns out so I'm going to have to go for it right now. Also with raspberries and blackberries, I've heard that they can give the beer a sweet bitterness or tart flavor, have you have any...
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    Real fruit or fruit puree

    Hey guys, I'm doing my first strawberry wheat beer right now and I have a question about using real fruit or using a puree for the stawberry flavor. I've been reading about using real fruit (on the order of 1#/gal) but my secondary is a glass carboy with a small neck. The real fruit might be a...