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    Wort cooling idea, will this work?

    I use a large tupperware that I drilled a bunch of hole in ( all at the same hieght. I then run a garden hose inside the tupperware. The warmed up water just drains out the holes as cold water in coming in through the hose. U can even throw snow into the water. I put my full keggle in this, and...
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    mash temp question

    I did preheat my cooler and my strike water started at 165 degrees. Not sure if it's the cool temps here in the northeast of the snow outside...Thanks for the help.
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    mash temp question

    I am brewing a simple IPA all grain. I started my mash at 152 degree's. I noticed 30 minutes in that I dropped to 140 degree's. I heated more water and brought the mash back up to 152 degree's. I restarted my hour time table from that point. Should I notice any side effects?
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    bone-head mistake?

    I have made a few that should have come with warning labels, " not responsible for comments made to wives after consumpion"
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    bone-head mistake?

    I don't worry to much, Even bad homebrew is still better then store bought. It was an all grain wheat, It should be fine. If not, I know how to make more. Thanks for the responses.
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    bone-head mistake?

    I was in the middle of brewing when I was called into work(law enforcement) and had to put on hold. I had just flamed out. I chilled the wort and covered. 8 hours later ( midnight) I returned to transfer into primary. I pitched my yeast slurry and called in a night. 24 hrs later I went to...
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    brewing with full hops

    I have a nice batch of cascade hops I picked and dried. It is my first time using hops this way. Should I crush them just before putting them in the boil? I was also thinking of dry hopping with them,what are the pro's and con's? Thanks
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    old co2

    Does anyone know if C02 can go stale?. I know that 02 can develop an odd smell if left in the tank to long. My co2 is about a year old. My last two kegs have develop an somewhat bitter flavor. I have brewed the same style of beer, and used the same yeast. The beer tasted good when I transfered...
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    What HAPPENED??

    I made a Ipa using the same yeast, and keged the beer. It had a nice favor, when I tapped it three weeks later, it had the same taste you describe. Is it posible that Co2 can go bad?. I had the same tank of co2 for about a year, just wondering if it could be leading to the off taste?
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    So...has anyone had the cops called on them for brewing?

    What happens when the brewer is the cop. We have several officers who love to brew including me. Just remember most dumb questions come out of ignorance. My whole neighborhood know I brew and even comes over to help from time to time. We are very lucky in the Northeast that this hobby is very...
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    oh Sh*t it was still too hot

    So was I. I can cool down wort in 20 minutes during the summer. I thought with the cold air it would be fine. I thought that 85 would be ok, but I guessed wrong. It could have been 85 right where I placed the themometer, and warmer in the middle. Just hoping it will be ok in the end. Never...
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    Temp loss durring batch sparging with cooler

    I use a couple of old blankets to wrap the cooler in. works great.
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    oh Sh*t it was still too hot

    I brewed a double batch on sunday. The first batch went fine, the second took a lot longer to cool down. I had it outside in 15 degree weather with snow surrounding it. It took over an hour to cool. I got it down to 85 degree's( I was running short on time) and pitched my starter. The next...
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    what a great day

    it's 5 degree's outside, I'm brewing a double batch out in the garage. I was able to get the temp up to 30 in the garage. I have the radio on, I have a home brew, and a good cigar. Does it get much better than that!!!!! I almost forgot, I'm smoking a set of ribs for supper.
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    2009 Christmas present thread

    The only thing I received was a certificate from my wife good for one full day of pleasure, she is at my command all day. I'm cashing it in tomorrow morning!!!!!!!!!