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  1. hoser

    Where are the wine brewers

    i've made a kit wine for christmas presents. California Riesling. turned out really nice. As I progress, i'll start using my own grapes.
  2. hoser

    Beginner Question

    could be from unfermentable sugars?????????? I'm wondering too, as I am a newbie also. my stouts usually start at 1.045 and end up 1.020. I tend not to worry because I use plastic bottles and they seem forgiving with overcarbonation
  3. hoser

    honey in beer

    sounds like an idea, I'd like to try it. I've used corn syrup as a fermentable but not honey yet. Any thoughts on maple syrup too?
  4. hoser

    How many of these have you heard about your homebrew

    my stout recipe is really simple coopers stout beerkit 1kg golden corn syrup 3/4 cup of cocoa powder it turned out ok, could use a bit more choclate though. and might try substituting the corn syrup with hi malt glucose next time. not much of a recipe I know, as I used a beerkit and...
  5. hoser

    Help a beginner!

    well, i finished making the barons canadian pilsner, nope, don't like it, just not bitter enough for me, too sweet, think i'll stick to my ales and stouts.
  6. hoser

    Brewing Ales?

    you can even make cheap apple cider with no name brand apple juice (no preservative though) and a pack of ale yeast. good stuff.
  7. hoser

    How many of these have you heard about your homebrew

    every time I mention it people expect me to hand over a couple cases like it's free or something, everyone wants to try it. funny thing is even when I'm not satisfied that it's good enough and feel I can make it better, everyone says it's awesome. I must say my stouts turn out really well...
  8. hoser


    I use either sodium metabisulfite to clean all my equipment sometimes, sometimes I use just bleach and water, I use idophor to clean my caps and bottles though.
  9. hoser

    the smell of fermentation

    i was worried about the same thing when I started out. a good answer would be, my wife hates beer, yet my carboy is in the bedroom sitting on her side of the bed. that's how little you can smell it. it's not bad at all really. I thought too that it would smell like a brewery. the worst...
  10. hoser

    Help a beginner!

    yeah, i no longer use corn sugar unless it's for priming. I've notice alot of belgian beers are meant to taste that way though, they are ok, i've tried some, but not for everyday drinking, i'm making a batch of baron's canadian pilsner for my mother right now, cause we are both fans of...
  11. hoser

    Help a beginner!

    the cidery apple taste comes from the sugar. you can substitute by replacing it with more malt or cheaper "hi malt glucose". i started using the 1kg of sugar called for on the can but didn't like the effect the sugar had. i use it only for bottling now.